ffiv torment d300

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User Info: sohmwan87

5 months ago#1
trying to bust this ffiv torment d300 but it seems like a doozy. holy is not the problem. having two frenemies are. so i waste my sb gauges on the dragon so it doesnt bare its fangs. then i get to smack golbez around.

beatrix 99: osb +10atk, shellga, guardbringer, attunement ii.
edward 99: bsb, full break, armor breakdown, gathering storm.
firion 99: bsb, hailstorm, fullcharge, prey on the weak.
yshtola 99: bsb, stoneskin ii, protectga, ultra cure, healer prayer ii.
orlandont 99: osb +10atk, dark bargain, saint cross, scholar boon.
rw: cloud usb

User Info: darkeric7x7

5 months ago#2
No shout or something similar? Also no critboost to go with cloud usb?
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User Info: DarkAngelCronos

5 months ago#3
Edwards BSB is a shout but you also are missing a haste... I'm not sure how you're not clearing this with all of that but I will say maybe bring another stacking buff instead of Beatrix or Orlandu?

Not sure besides that.

User Info: Faroth

5 months ago#4
Who is using cloud USB?? Based on how I kill them both, you should go:

Edward with Thundergod Mode RM (to triple imperil as fast as possible)
Firion use Cloud USB then Triple cast of BSB
TG Cid should OSB the dragon, then cast RW, then hit with 3-4 Saint Cross until the Dragon is Dead, then Saint Cross (if Cloud is still active) and OSB Golbez to end him

How is your unboosted attack??? Maybe you're wasting turns with dark bargain/ hailstorm when you don't need it, if you're hitting cap, you should just spam damage. (Edward is a 50% boostga so maybe that's all you need to hit cap)

I recommend Beatrix having haste RM and haste ability. So she can Haste TG Cid and herself when/if she rans out of it.
FFRK RW: Agrias BSB - Code YWwo - Imperil Holy FTW

User Info: Solarwind

5 months ago#5
Cloud USB has significantly less benefit if your SB user is only a few hits and can't enHoly. I'm not sure how much SC under Cloud USB would be doing but I suspect not enough to make a huge difference. Guardbringer tends to work better with USB RW in my experience...I believe Wall + Protectga should get you at least three hits? But again without enHoly it's tough to get a ton of damage out.
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User Info: sohmwan87

5 months ago#6
need the additional buffs. they are somewhat tanky. sigh might have to wait til next time. only physical equips are dancing dagger and mythgraven blade.

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