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User Info: Gainerama

1 year ago#111
FF4 is one of my least favorite realms and it shows. I can't complete the D200 CM and I barely mastered the D300 3CM. Apparently I don't have the dps it kill the dragon in D200 CM fast enough before someone dies. Even with Cecil and Ceodore bsb and Cloud RW, still not enough dps fast enough. Tried Raines RW and came close before dragon kill someone. Will try that new Allegro con Moto with Edward with double mage Raines RW to see if that will work. Sadly I'm having more problems with this than Nemesis or Magicites.

User Info: corrente

1 year ago#112
@raoxi posted...
@Simonides @corrente darn this was the hardest CM since the ffx cm for me.

Pecil BSB
Edge SSB2
Edward nothing
Golbez nothing
Porom SSB medica
RW Raines

Darn this is pretty poverty, almost worst than my ffx one. 2x ssb and pecil bssb. Edge and Golbez had to double Raines to clean up the dragon. Luckily Edge could self buff faithga with stich... then it was a slugfest vs Golbez with a single healer.. ran out of everything and just auto hitting except for Pecil BSB. I think I need to pull on some ff4 banners sooon...

You cleared it with that squad? That's pretty impressive. I lost my two attempts last night and haven't found the courage yet to try again lol.
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User Info: ShinUltima

1 year ago#113
Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't try @raoxi's team instead of of what I came up with talking with @TheChap656. I have Rosa USB so I'll have much better healing, and I have Edward's Song of Switftness so that would mean a triple MAG stack for him and Golbez w/ Raines BSSB. Hmmm. Perhaps as a fall back. Will try Kain BSSB + Cloud USB option first.

But I don't think I'll do that today. Will attempt the 3xCM later. I can only handle one stressful Torment fight a day (did I mention how much I hate these things? Cause I still do, and they've only gotten worse post-Cloud USB).
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User Info: ffrkowaway

1 year ago#114
@ShinUltima Saw someone on reddit mention that with Rosa USB, Carbuncle strategies can be pretty viable, too.

User Info: mdly68

1 year ago#115
Does last stand work against black fang?

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 year ago#116
mdly68 posted...
Does last stand work against black fang?

No, Last Stand doesn't work against Instant KOs.

Additionally, Black Fang is auto-hit, so nothing will block it.
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User Info: Ol_Uncle_Gagnon

1 year ago#117
Ugh this jumpstart is tough with 3 man cm. I came close with one run (10 percent golbez health left. He used binding cold and paralyzed my whole team.

The he slowly killed me over 4 rounds while I watched helplessly.
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User Info: annonymous2k6

1 year ago#118
Mastered it. Also thanks for the MO list. Don't have the relics for the cms. Those will have to wait
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User Info: Simonides

1 year ago#119
@raoxi @sarothias congrats guys.

Raoxi, that's awesome you completed with that terrible team, LOL. Not sure whose experience post-Dark Dragon was worse (me with Golbez BSB vs. you with Cecil BSB), but either way, cheers man!

@corrente I kind of felt the same way after being beaten down several times. However, it was extra satisfying to eventually overcome it and honestly, nice to have a real challenge (I'm not counting Magicite as the challenge there is time-based and not completion-based). I think the last time I struggled that much with clearing content was the first Nemesis.

Edit: D250 sure was fun as a revenge fight. Trash was much bulkier but Golbez/Dark Dragon went down so fast to the holy quartet of TGC-Raines-Beatrix-Penelo + Ramza. 2 OSB bombers for 99999 a shot, so nice! Just realized not one of them actually has Enholy... (I'm missing Beatrix's SSB)
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User Info: cityyankee24

1 year ago#120
D300 CMx3 down, D250 down, D200.....non-CM down.

D200 CM is actually pretty tough. I feel like I have the tools to do it but not enough boostgas to knock them down quick enough. I should just invest into Pecil already, I have his 2 BSBs but I just leave him at lvl 53 or something.
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