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User Info: Punisher

1 year ago#31
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#32
What happened to post #27?
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: Kehlstein

11 months ago#33
Thanks, this is some really useful info.

User Info: Alt_Assault

11 months ago#34
Kehlstein posted...
Thanks, this is some really useful info.

User Info: shadestreet

11 months ago#35
@Kehlstein @Alt_Assault

Thanks, though since this game is always in motion, the usefulness of this "guide" has continuously been less and less useful. Significant changes and updates to the game have rendered quite a bit obsolete

Are you both new players to FFRK? If you want more detailed help start a "help me thread" and the community will help guide you.

Overall, here are some updates to my primary points from above:

1) "S/L" is the single best strategy in the game.

Still very true, though now you can simply pause the battle and select "restart"

2) Leverage Synergy. Still true, but 4* gear is mostly useless now too. The Acolyte Archive system added after my original post really helps you get a good start in gear.

3) Build your relic pool early doing 11x draws. Still very true, though again, the Acolyte Archives will get you started for free and then after that, the first time Realm Draws (15 mithril for 11x relics, full price after that) are a great investment for new players.

4) Buffs, De-Buffs, and Mitigation are more important in this game than in all FF games combined. True for the weekly events and Realm dungeons, but the hardest "end game" content has made De-Buffs basically useless, and the high number of Piercing Attacks has started to reduce the usefulness of Mitigation. New players have a long way to go however until this becomes an issue.

5) The relics you pull will define your team. Still true, though many new tiers of Soul Breaks have been added since original post, so now AOSB, Glints, and high end USBs (like Aerith USB2, Elarra USB, etc) are top of the food chain... until the AASB are introduced either 2/20/19 or at 4th anniversary fest in March 2019.

6) The right Roaming Warrior (RW) is often the difference between success and failure. Still true for weekly events (and even new players can probably roll through everything up to the Ultimate battle with a good AOSB) but the Realm Dungeons (story mode) have now restricted RW choices to specific tiers, so you can't brute force your way through.

The current "catch all" RW to use for weekly events now is either Tyro Divine Veil Grimoire (Wall + Protectga + Shellga + Hastega) to ensure survival, or a strong DPS like AOSB hitting elemental weakness.

7) Learn when to re-apply buffs and de-buffs. Still true, though the current shift in the game is towards speed kills so usually you don't get a chance to worry about recasting Shellga, Protectga, Wall, etc once you get good DPS later in your game.

8) Spend your Growth Eggs liberally. Still do it.

9) Consult the Weekly Strategy Topics. Dr Mog has gotten a lot better since I wrote the original post, giving much more concise information and detailing all the elemental strengths/weaknesses of bosses.

10) Get ‘Mako Might’ and ‘Dr Mog Teachings’ Record Materias (RM) as soon as possible. Sill 100% true, thankfully it has gotten much easier to get RM to drop. Add "Gathering Storm" from Orlandeau to the top RM to get. But MM and DMT first.
(edited 11 months ago)

User Info: ffrkowaway

10 months ago#36
The Enlir spreadsheet mentioned earlier has been retired for a while.

In it's place, we have this continuation of that excellent work:


If you've ever wondered about ability multipliers, Soul Break effects, Materia information, damage calculators, or most anything else, it's probably there.
(edited 10 months ago)

User Info: shadestreet

10 months ago#37
Posting here as a placeholder, my personal top picks for the free picks of the Acolyte Archive free picks:

Volume 1: Agrias Kaiser Shield (native Lightning Boost, poverty reverse wall Soul Break)

Volume 2: Barz Cloak (native Wind Boost)

Volume 3: Arc White Mage Robe (one of the best healing SSB out there – IC0 Medica + Physical Blink)

Volume 4: Seifer Gloves (+Dark), Dorgann Sword (+wind), Ignus Gaia Blade (+earth), Rubicante Grasp (magic fist for ninjas with +fire)

Volume 5: Krile Fire Lash (Hastega + AOE Magic Buff, +fire whip), Ramza Platinum Sword (Hastega + AOE ATK Buff)

Volume 6: Iris Moogle Plushie (Astra aka Status Blink on a wrathable character), Y’shtola Healer Circlet (Stoneskin + Medica + nice burst commands)

Volume 7: Maria Rune Graven Bow (powerful earth magic based BSB), Cloud Ultima Blade (still very relevant if you nab his USB1), Alphinaud Veil of Wiyu (reflect damage and nice summoner burst commands)

Volume 8: Any of the above still are in consideration, but probably the top prize by the time you get to Volume 8 is Cid Raines Metamorphis Claws which is probably still in the top five BSBs in terms of relevance

Disclaimer - I only gave these a cursory glance. At this point in the game life cycle it mostly doesn't matter what you pick, especially for the first 5-6 selection draws. Many of the choices I point towards are quickly going to be outclassed once new players do a few draws, but can cover some gaps like not having Astra, still needing a mag or atk buff + Hastega (ramza plat sword, krile fire lash). And I just relied heavily in Raines BSB for sub30 Madeen 5* Magicite Clear so that apparently has aged better than I thought.
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User Info: shadestreet

10 months ago#39
@EchoNull thanks! Fixed in time!

User Info: shadestreet

8 months ago#40
@ojisan for your question about Motes I didn’t answer on the android board:

Motes come in 4 styles and can be used on your characters once you unlock “record sphere” menu in Updgrades & Inventory. (You’ll have to break level cap twice before a character can use them).

-3* motes: raise stats a few points on three different classes (the class depends on who you are using). Cloud for example has Red Mage, Warrior, and Knight for 3* Record sphere tree. Completing these will give access to...

-4* motes: moderate stat increases on the next three job classss tied to a character. Cloud for example has Spellblade, Samurai, and Paladin. Occasionally completing 4* mote tree will expand the useable abilities for the character or allow them to equip a new weapon type.

Completing Clouds Spellblade Record Sphere gives him access to 5* Spellblade abilities. Very useful. Fran can start using Guns. Usually it’s just stay/damage increases, but not always.

5* motes allow you to access the Legend Sphere grid for a character. Now you get much stat boosts and can unlock their two “Legend Materia”. Legend Materia is similar to Record Materia except it’s locked to that character.

The 1st Legend Materia (LM) you unlock is typically a small boost to damage or healing. The second LM is much better-35% chance to dualcast Combat abilities (Cloud), Trance when low on HP (Vivi, Garnet, Etc), 35% chance to dualcast white magic (most white mages if you’re lucky).

The Fourth Type of Motes are the rarest -Job Class motes. These are accessed in the Record Sphere grid, at the bottom, but not for every character.

These grant access to 6* abilities in the following ability schools:
Knight, Dragoon, Samurai, Thief, Bard, Machinist, Monk, and Spellblade.

You need 1 mote to unlock the sphere, 4 more to unlock access to those 6* abilities, 10 more to unlock a copy of that 6* ability, and if you want (rarely recommended) 15 more to unlock 3% damage bonus.

There’s a 5th type of mote, Onion Knight Motes specific to that character you don’t have to worry about unless you get one of his fantastic Soul Breaks.

Motes are earned the following ways:
-Mote Dungeons when you unlock them allow you farm 3*, 4*, and eventually 5* motes. High stamina cost for the amount of motes rewarded, but still a good option for newer players needing to catch up some characters

-Raid/Multiplayer battles. The normal/Hard battles award 3* motes. Ultimate/Apocalypse award 4*. Don’t skip these and ask the board to carry you to clear U/A+ battles.

-Realm dungeons. The later dungeons occasionally give 3* and IIRC 4* motes.

-Crystal Tower. Monthly events where you can earn more 5* motes for how many battles you can clear with separate teams without exiting.

-Torment. it’s gonna be a long time until you’re ready for these. These have Job Motes and 5* Motes.

-Special Login Bonuses/Gift Dungeons. Usually around the quarterly “Fests” (June/Sept/Dec/March).


Save them. Can’t use until you break level cap twice anyway. Come back and read this if you’re still playing by then.
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