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User Info: SaintTweeter

2 years ago#11
"You may need to lower an enemies attack, and if you don’t have Full Break yet, you would want Armor Break, etc."

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User Info: joe_xc

2 years ago#12
SaintTweeter posted...
"You may need to lower an enemies attack, and if you don’t have Full Break yet, you would want Armor Break, etc."


I noticed that too. Wasn't sure if it needed to be mentioned.

For the new players that may read this, Power Break is the ability that was intended.
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User Info: philsov

2 years ago#13
Regarding team composition - 90% of the time, your party should consist of one healer, one support (breaker/buffer), and three damagers. Many units can pull double duty and throw out a Protectga or Armor Break (e.g.) at the start of the fight and then proceed to focus on dealing damage.

Hybrid (50/50 physical/magical) teams are suboptimal due to the nature of buffs and debuffs; it's easier to bring in a Faithga relic and doing only a Res-break instead of Boostga, Faithga, Def-break, and Res-break.


Revival skills are usually not worthwhile. Prevention is better than treatment as death results in the loss of buffs; being revived at low HP generally causes the character to die again before you have the opportunity to heal it. That said, the most accessible form of this ability is NOT white magic/raise, but rather support/revive.

shadestreet posted...
And finally, under no circumstances should you ever use a mithril to heal between rounds of a dungeon. Why this option even exists is a mystery.

*IF* you really want to do this, it is far better to just play until you die and then use a mithril to revive your party. This way not only do you get fully healed with restored abilities, you also get a random boost to your party (additional HP, 10% ATK buff, +2 ability uses, etc). You also keep your built up soul gauges.

Under certain circumstances, it may actually be wise to purposefully die at a very tough boss if you are confident a mithril revive can allow you to beat it - though if you feel this is the case best to post your setup and options available in a separate thread or in the weekly boss tips thread.

Seconding. Most notably, it is worthwhile to spend a mythril or two on the weekly event fight which garners an MCIII crystal (the 140 difficulty one, at least at the time of this post), if it'll make the difference and let you win. The MCIII is what enables a character to reach level 99 after hitting the level cap of 80. Once one or two of your key units have gained access to level 99, subsequent MCIII fights will be significantly easier at which point you can resume hoarding mythril for relic pulls.
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User Info: shadestreet

2 years ago#14
Bonus Tips - For Intermediate Players

1) Bookmark the 'FFRK Bible'


This is 90 pages crammed with everything you could possibly want to know about the game.

List of the "dozens" of must have Record Materias I alluded to earlier? Check.
A graph comparing the damage out of Omega Drive to Lifebane to Full Charge? Check.
Character stats? Check.
The timing of all buffs, de-buffs, status effects and how Mind will impact them? Check.

And that isn't even scratching the surface. You will likely be overwhelmed upon opening it. That is ok. Just know that almost any question you have is likely in there, with a comprehensive analysis included.

Unfortunately the author(s) have appeared to retired. It's final update as of now is June 26th 2017. But regardless, until the day the servers are turned off, this will stand as the definitive analysis of FFRK.

2) Be flexible with your party setup - Above I noted that "the relics choose your party", but soon you will have more choices and it can become difficult to find the right balance. You may be tempted to focus on an "A Team", but often the game will keep throwing in complex bosses requiring you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Be sure to keep mastering new Soul Breaks and diversifying your team once you establish a good roster to take down the main content.

While the typical party will almost have 1 White Mage, 1 Support, 2-3 DPS, there may be times you need multiple white mages, or need a magic only party. There are several Soul Break only abilities we haven't even discussed above you will want to make sure you can bring when and if they are needed. Radiant Shield. Last Stand. Runic/Grand Cross.

3) Start taking down the Nightmare Bosses - Within a few months of playing you should be able to start taking down the Nightmare Bosses. As noted above, these are mainly puzzle fights which require a specific set of abilities and mechanics to complete. Due to "power creep" of our current relics, many of the bosses which once were nearly impossible can be crushed much more easily, though reading the strategies is still imperative to know what to bring and how to get the victory.

Each of the 12 Nightmare Bosses is guarded by 4 progressively stronger Guardian Bosses, which drop (among other things) a Soul of Hero (SoH) - unlocks a character, Memorty Crystal 1 (MC1) - breaks 1st level cap, MC2 - breaks 2nd level cap, and a 6* Major Resist Accessory.

You can easily crush the first two guardian bosses with a good OSB Roaming Warrior (RW), but the 3rd and 4th bosses are a bit harder so plan accordingly.

Once again, TheChap656 has written guides on all the guardian bosses, the link to the final one (Omega) is here and contains sub-links to the previous threads:


SolitaireD wrote up the guides for the actual Nightmare Bosses and you can use this search to find all of them:


Don't be too put off by how difficult we made these out to be originally. The Powercreep is real.
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User Info: shadestreet

2 years ago#15
4) Clearing the Torments and Motes Dungeons. Torments and Mote dungeons are recurring dungeons that are rotated through the events on a weekly and monthly basis. These are very difficult dungeons, but you don't have to feel pressured to clear them when the arrive like you would with the regular weekly events as they keep coming back. Once you get the rewards they are cleared permanently.

The Mote bosses only cost 1 stamina, so you can give them a shot without feeling like you are wasting stamina, the Torment Dungeons cost 60 stamina, but if you die or exit, your Stamina is refunded.

You can find the write-ups TheChap656 did for each of the 5 mote dungeons here:


The Torment Dungeons continue to have new events added (while bringing back the older ones), but you can use this search to find the relevant topics when you want to challenge them:


Note that Torments will require very strong teams (most characters at 99, several BSB's including Healing BSB/USB, high hones, etc)

5) Plan your relic pulls wisely Early in the game I suggest you pull frequently so you can get a good base set of relics. Soon, possible after 4-5 11x draws, you should start saving your mithril and making strategic pulls. You will want to start targeting any gaps you have in your party composition, focusing on banners carrying specific abilities you need. A healing USB, the effect "Astra" (status blink), chasing a rare element soul break such as Earth, etc.

Additionally you will want to have coverage of relics from multiple realms, even if the actual Soul Breaks aren't that useful to you, having a variety of 5* and 6* weapons from all the realms will ensure you have enough "stat sticks" to stay on top of clearing the hardest bosses.

Of course, feel free to chase relics for your favorite characters if you just want to get Cloud or Celes in your party, after all, you should be having fun with the game.

6) Learn the "soft caps" - The current ATK Soft Cap is 805 and the current MAG soft cap is 1056. What is a soft cap? This is the point where further increases to the stat start having drastically diminished returns on your damage output. Every so often these get raised, and if you are reading this months from the time of this post, it is likely they have been raised once again.

It is important to keep these values in mind as you gain relics which have stacking buff effects. Once you acquire an OSB weapon and some of these buffs, you will quickly find yourself hitting these numbers, and at that point you can and should alter your setup.

Consider that if your base ATK score is 540, casting Ramza's "Shout" will immediately get you to the soft cap of 805. If you are at 540 and plan to use a Burst ability (which adds 20% boost), then you only need 450 ATK before hitting the soft cap. Knowing this you could replace that +45 ATK accessory with an Elemental Resist or a Status Resist instead, or switch to a weaker weapon which carries an Elemental boost to further raise your damage output.

For more information consult the FFRK Bible "Damage and Healing" section, currently page 46.

User Info: renzokuken99

2 years ago#16
Useful players links--

For detailed mathcraft/exact numbers on almost everything in the game (aka "Enlir Spreadsheet"):

For full lists of upcoming relic draws for global FFRK, in order to plan your pulls wisely:
(click 'Banner Relic Info' tab)

For a breakdown of orb types and which abilities they are used for:

For an updated list of currently available RWs to follow:
(type the soul break name you want in the tiny field on the right, listed best ones at the top -- many websites offer similar search btw)
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User Info: TheChap656

2 years ago#17
Wow. Great work guys!
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User Info: Blaze0fGlory

2 years ago#18
Nice topic. Any new player should be directed here first.
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User Info: saint311

2 years ago#19
Hey all, newbie player here w/ a question.

What determines if a newly acquired character comes equipped w/ abilities/gear? Is it the ones who are acquired during the tutorial phase and also the first ones in the permanent events (apologies, can’t access my phone atm for the correct name)?

i.e. I got Wakka and Lightning from their respective permanent recruitment events and they already had a weapon and an ability(-ies). But I believe Yuna and Vanille from the same events were bare of any equipment or abilities.


Actually, I guess I got Wakka from the regular FFX dungeon. And Aerith came bare and I guess she's the first reward from the FFVII Newcomers Dungeon. So, I guess there goes my theory?
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User Info: gwwak

2 years ago#20
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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