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  3. Question regarding magicite farming.

User Info: annonymous2k6

1 year ago#1
So I got mastery on all 6, some I had to redo. But have only been able to do 2 under a minute. What's my goal as far as farming goes? To level break all current magicite? Is light and dark/tier 2 magicite dungeons far enough away to farm these.
Or are there specific magicites that are "better" and should be prioritized.
I'll wait to do speed runs once I have better elements sbs. Thanks!
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User Info: Laj_1

1 year ago#2
You should prioritize farming for whatever benefits your A team the most, only you can determine what that is.

As for there being "better" magicites, the support ones are generally good regardless of team composition. However they dont necessarily need to be farmed, like Enkidu who heals a fixed ammount.

Tier 2 magicite are 6 months away i believe.
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User Info: annonymous2k6

1 year ago#3
Thanks. Yes I did see enkidu as being very useful. Insta heal and esuna. I think I'll work on that first.
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User Info: EchoNull

1 year ago#4
Holy and Dark will open up before then, though we don't know when. I'd guess a couple of months?

Folks are reporting that Wing Raptor is not worth developing because the maximum boost is like 5% cast speed for a marginal damage boost overall.

My spreadsheet in progress:
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User Info: annonymous2k6

1 year ago#5
im a random poster.

User Info: Xenogears

1 year ago#6
I thought I was on the Mobius board for a second, with the topic title.
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User Info: FedEx_Corp

1 year ago#7
Already have:
4x Enkidu for Empower Wind+Medica

2x Mom Bomb for Power Up

Will need to get Salamander for Crit DMG first before farming for more Bomb.
Then Enlil for Power Up or more Salamader for Crit DMG.
Then Sand Worm for HP Up

After getting all 4, rotate them per day to level up from 50-65 ect.

Kinda regretting farming for 4x Enkidu though...Empower Wind isn't that useful.
Should've done a rotation of main, sub 1, sub 2, sub 3, sub 4 and repeat sub runs to break cap in order.
Oh well...I learn my lesson I guess.

Anyone knows the Crit DMG % per level?

User Info: TheChap656

1 year ago#8
Wing Raptor's Fast Act applies to the tick speed as opposed to your character actions or speed. Depending on the speed you play at, it ranges from not noticeable to completely useless.
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User Info: tomasmk2003

1 year ago#9
I know I was originally leveling up wing raptor was great disappointed when I read it's near worthless.
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User Info: KnightLordST

1 year ago#10
So it only boosts cast speed by 3% which is hardly noticeable, even worse on speed 5.
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