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User Info: annonymous2k6

1 year ago#471
Have that regret rage pull syndrome. 6 pulls later I get it from my last 300 gem single pull. -__-
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User Info: hang00

1 year ago#472
So this happened on my 100 gem


User Info: Opius71

1 year ago#473
@raoxi posted...
@Opius71 horrendous start but beautiful finish. worth it!

Thanks! Only planned on 2 but sometimes you gotta roll the dice. Gonna shave off all kinds of Hydra time.
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User Info: kwonshin

1 year ago#474
Somehow I spent 100 Mythril in the end. Not sure with my chance of Lightning USB now. Might skip all LD prior.

1st pull 2/11
Bartz Maximillian LMR
Galuf Titan Gloves SSB dupe

2nd pull 3/11
Faris Fairy Bow USB
Bartz Great Sword BSB
Dorgan Sword SSB

Got Faris SB, SB2, BSB, USB, and USB2 now. Dorgan Sword is my first ever Wind Boost weapon. Missing Bartz USB still.
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User Info: sarothias

1 year ago#475
Opius71 posted...
1/11 - faris ssb (dupe)
1/11 - galuf ssb
Rage pull
3/11 - Bartz USB!, Dorgann Bsb, Bartz Bsb2 (dupe)
Yolo pull
3/11 - Bartz BSB3!, Bartz LMR! faris ssb (dupe)

That ended well. Can't believe those last 2 pulls!

Sweet, congrats! :D
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 year ago#476
I did a single and got nothing.

My brother did a single and got a 5*! It was... Faris's LMR again! His only dupe, from the first draw. Damn his luck is... damn.
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User Info: Darkdragonitez

1 year ago#477
Ugh, I managed to turn more-than-decent pulls into saltiness. Going into the banner, I have only 1 dupe (Faris Bracers)

10/55: Bartz USB, Faris USB, Bartz BSB2 x2, Bartz LMR, 5 other SSBs between Faris SSB and Galuf SSB (the light armour)

At this point, things I don't have: Bartz BSB3, Dorgan BSB, Faris LMR, Dorgan SSB, Galuf SSB (the invulnerable one). All of them are high-quality wants / don't mind. Since I budgeted 6-7 pulls for the banner, I decided to give it another go.

3/11: all normal rainbows, but all dupes!!

Sigh what a disappointment. Rage pull 2 more times after this:

6/22: Dorgan BSB x3, Dorgan SSB, Bartz BSB2, Faris Bracers (so hate this item now)

Overall, my stupidness turn what was a decent streak into salt lake T_T.
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User Info: Opius71

1 year ago#478
@sarothias thanks man!
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User Info: Lvl9999Prinny

1 year ago#479
NarutoSakura1 posted...
Lvl9999Prinny posted...
100 Gems: Nothing
4/11: Bartz BSB3, Bartz BSB3, Dorgann SSB, Galuf SSB2
4/11: Bartz BSB3, Dorgann SSB, Faris SSB3?, Galuf SSB1

Extremely sad that all three Bartz relics are the same one. Super happy about 2x Wind Swords.

Faris only has 1 SSB in Global, but has 2 SSBs in JP. However, this banner has her LMR.

Huh, for some reason I thought she had a break ssb back in the day. I must be thinking of her BSB.

Either way, it's just enough where I still dgaf about either Dive. Unique + SSB isn't exactly a stellar combo for Faris and Bartz is pretty much limited to fights I need Earth.

*sigh* Guess I'm stocking all my 5* motes til Fest. 3 ppl is plenty for now.
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User Info: Twilight2407

1 year ago#480
Gave in to the hype and it kicked me in the nuts.


Faris SSB x2
Faris LMR

This is the time in a row that I've gone SSB/LMR (or 1/11 LMR, in the case of Type-0). I can't even get the good LMR.
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