When did you start playing?

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User Info: kwonshin

7 months ago#1
When and What - Results (207 votes)
2015 - Junior
71.01% (147 votes)
2016 - Sophomore
19.81% (41 votes)
2017 - Freshman
9.18% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I am a Junior now. Hopefully I can be a Senior next year. I took almost four months break during my Sophomore year tho.
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User Info: mazurka

7 months ago#2
February 2017
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User Info: JustDave1315

7 months ago#3
April 2017
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User Info: raoxi

7 months ago#4
Oct 2015

@mazurka wtf so recent!

User Info: ZeroQ8

7 months ago#5
july 2015
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User Info: roleplayingace

7 months ago#6
January 2016

User Info: KnightLordST

7 months ago#7
August 2016

User Info: FFRKAndy

7 months ago#8
Day 1 march 2015 i believe. Didn't get serious until the first Tactics banner though
FFRK and Fire Emblem Heroes Addict

User Info: tryforce

7 months ago#9
To be honest I don't know.

I remember it was 1 to 3 weeks before the first Final Fantasy Tactics event.

User Info: Sceptile01

7 months ago#10
I'm technically a junior since I first played in March 2015 but the game ran so slow on my mobile that I stopped after 1 day till Feb 2016 when I got a new phone and remembered this game. So I guess in high school terms I didn't attend school for a year after my first day and had to repeat next year.
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  3. When did you start playing?

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