FF12 Torment on Monday!

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User Info: Simonides

9 months ago#1
FFRK: 2PEP - Zack Wind Chain SB

User Info: sarothias

9 months ago#2
Yeeeeeeeeah boooooi! Summon orb time!
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
9 months ago#3
Well, this should easy enough for me to clear. My Lightning element game has been coming along quite well these past couple of months (Lightning USB/BSB2, Marach BSB, Ashe BSB, Shantotto BSB, Palom BSB).
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User Info: ShinUltima

9 months ago#4
Argh. Was hoping for a Torment I wouldn't be tempted to farm.

Now I'm going to have to think about how to beat these. Aside from "use Ashe BSSB, win". Outside of Ashe BSSB, my XII synergy is somewhat shaky.
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User Info: Rman0099

9 months ago#5
They are really packing the torments in now. Guess I'll have to figure out some efficient farming. MSO is greatly needed.

Penello and her USB just got egged from 20 to 70. Eggs gone and dailies to run tomorrow.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

9 months ago#6
It's here. My true nemesis. (Forget that other guy, lol.) I need to have my revenge on Mateus. He absolutely ended my FF12 challenge run. ...I can't seem to let that go for some reason. :/

Anyway, this one's probably going to be tricky for me.

All of my FF12 options:
Larsa (BSB)
Penelo (USB)
Basch (SSB)
Vaan (unique)
Balthier (unique)
Fran (unique)

...Basically, I have great defense, and almost no offense. Should be interesting. Or irritating. Or both. I think I can compensate by bringing a lightning BSB though, like maybe Rapha's.
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User Info: Rman0099

9 months ago#7
Do we have a link to a strategy writeup? I searched on torment but didn't see one.....or maybe I'm just blind.
Space for rent........
FFRK- Character SB List: https://goo.gl/C3Nktf

User Info: dracostreex

9 months ago#8
90 vitality and 30 dexterity from CM, sound like at least 2 other LD complete for me.

User Info: mazurka

9 months ago#9
In case anyone hasn't been paying attention, that's been a new torment dungeon every week, WITH rollover.

So don't go crazy knocking yourself out farming insane amounts of orbs (unless that's your thing), these are apparently VERY accessible now, so overfarming isn't really necessary.
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User Info: MajorMahalo1

9 months ago#10
Yay. I can't wait to finally try this. And Summon Orbs. :D :D
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