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  3. Native Wall is amazing for one simple reason: it opens up the game.

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 year ago#11
I always use it as RW, cleared all tough bosses with it as RW, i dont see a need for it in party unless the boss dispels you alot
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User Info: annonymous2k6

1 year ago#12
Being versatile is a huge part of the game imo
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User Info: SacredX

1 year ago#13
One thing to note is Wall is much stronger on Tyro than on Yoshi. It's always risky using a non-healing SB on your sole White Mage, however Tyro won't have that issue and can fill multiple roles. Depending on his role, comboing it with his USB2 may prove very useful.

User Info: FedEx_Corp

1 year ago#14
Haven't use wall in a long time.
Reverse wall everything.

User Info: annonymous2k6

1 year ago#15
FedEx_Corp posted...
Haven't use wall in a long time.
Reverse wall everything.

How's the damage reduction on wall vs reverse
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User Info: Rman0099

1 year ago#16
I'm subscribing more and more to the "wall is not necessary" school of thought. Just cleared 3 man CM torment with no wall. I also end up bringing wall for high end content but letting it drop and never reapplying it.
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User Info: PointyKatana

1 year ago#17
For me, it's the other way around. It's actually constricting to have Tyro in your party against every single high difficulty boss. I prefer to leave that spot open for another character that offers something different, and simply RW wall. So far no boss has survived the span of 2 Walls so it's both useful and practical.

That's why even though I have Wall ever since I first pulled on KC2 banner a few months back (when I first joined) my Tyro sits at level 80something, and I never use him for high difficulty content.

User Info: omega cookie

omega cookie
1 year ago#18
omega cookie posted...
TehReorcdKepper posted...
You are no longer restricted to RWing Wall Every. Single. Time.

I haven't used a Wall RW since the day shout was added, and I have -never- used my native wall. This idea that Wall is necessary is ludicrous and only serves to hurt players. I recognize that I've been playing for almost two years, so my options are a lot more varied then some, but honestly. Breaking bosses is enough if you have a decent healer.

I saw a guy claim that wall was 100% necessary, and anyone who didn't use it was lying. In that same topic, he said he doesn't bring breakers unless it's for medals, and didn't even have FB crafted.

He'd been posting here for over a year.

After thinking about it, I feel I should make myself more clear. I'm not saying you shouldn't use wall, or that using wall makes you bad or anything. I'm strictly talking about the "wall is absolutely needed" mindset. Too often I see people asking for help on how to beat something, and have really low DPS because they only have one or two spots for damage because they think that they absolutely need to have wall.

If you don't have many damage options, by all means, wall, break, and turtle your way to victory. But it's absolutely not necessary, and in my experience the longer a fight drags on, the higher the chance of RNG taking a s*** on you becomes.
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User Info: kwonshin

1 year ago#19
You will finally use Wall for Magicite.
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User Info: darkflagrance

1 year ago#20
kwonshin posted...
You will finally use Wall for Magicite.

But you get one as RW. It even lasts longer than normal wall IIRC.
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  3. Native Wall is amazing for one simple reason: it opens up the game.
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