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kwonshin 4 years ago#1
Physical: Arc SSB
Magical: Selphie SSB, Ovelia SSB
Status: Tyro USB

I think I should try looking for more Blink relic.

Edit: Whoops, forgot Ovelia also give Blink.
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Uiraya 4 years ago#2
Physical: Edge (Balthier technically)
Magical: Selphie, Ovelia, Sarah, Kimahri, Arc
Status: *fart noise*
unknown081 4 years ago#3
Physical: Arc SSB, Edge SSB
Magical: Arc SSB, Selphie SSB, Ovelia SSB, Tyro BSB, Sarah BSB
Status: -

Huh I have a lot more blink than I thought now that I list it
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Xenogears 4 years ago#4
Let's see if I can do this from memory!

Mag: Sazh ATK+50% SSB, Ovelia AoE heal, Cyan SSB
Phys: Arc instaheal, Yuffie SSB
Status: none

I think that's it?

For self, I have Shadow's physical double-blink SSB. And I dunno if it counts, but Thancred's BSB command 2 gives him self-phys blink.
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SevenSeas 4 years ago#5
PHY: arc, edge, delita, thranced
MAG: selphie, beatrix, sazh
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Simonides 4 years ago#6
I'm semi-cheating by looking at the responses above mine; otherwise I'd probably forget some of the Magical ones.

Status: Tyro
Magic: Arc, Rosa (BSB CMD 1), Exdeath, Selphie, Sazh, Ovelia
Physical: Arc, Sabin, Eiko (BSB CMD 1)
Robin_Edelfelt 4 years ago#7
Magic: Arc SSB, Rosa SSB, Selphie SSB
Physical: Arc SSB, Yuffie SSB, Tyro BSB
Status: -

I'd love some dps blinkers, like Firion or Edge. The one I use the most is Rosa, for Wrath. Tyro ends up using more Sentinel Grimoire than Keeper's Tome.
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LuBu1975 4 years ago#8

Tyro BSB
Relm BSB
Selphie SSB
Ovelia SSB
Kimahri SSB
Rosa SSB


Yuffie SSB
CTsChoco 4 years ago#9
Don't think I'm forgetting anything.
Physical - Gordon SSB
Magical - Arc SSB, Rosa SSB, Selphie SSB
Status - Tyro USB
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ekstrj 4 years ago#10
Magic -

Physical -

Status -
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