Android user: Crashing after almost every battle

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User Info: Rman0099

1 year ago#11
There have been some recent updates to Android OS and most notably the one just a couple weeks ago. In fact, since the last one, when I play on my phone I have to open the app, let it get to log in, minimize, and the maximize again. I have a Galaxy S7 and if I DON'T minimze and them maximize button presses do not register in the proper location. The all register about 10 pixels too low and to the right.

Note 3 SHOULDN'T have any issues. Its a rather beefy phone.
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User Info: Gravijah_

1 year ago#12
I've been having crashes the past few days on Nox, not sure what is going on.
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User Info: frozentuna

1 year ago#13
Not sure if my crash problem is due to similar issues, but every time i try to remove an inactive Galuf follower the game crashes.
Also, in one of the recent events the game would crash each time i used Vaan's BSSB on a boss.

User Info: jayman7

1 year ago#14
LG-LK430, for the record.
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User Info: MRsleepyhead

1 year ago#15
Used to have that problem on a blu phone used to crash randomly. Now with the current phone every once in a while. (still not a good enough phone tho) just try to find a decent phone. Right now im saving up for a new phone.
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User Info: Rhyten

1 year ago#16
jayman7 posted...
LG-LK430, for the record.

Well there you go, that device only has 1GB of RAM, the game requires a minimum of 2.
No wonder you are getting crashes.
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User Info: SaltyZero24

1 year ago#17
You could try playing on an emulator when at home, it should work way better.

User Info: mazurka

1 year ago#18
I love how people are blaming their phones instead of placing blame where it belongs, Dena's terrible coding for Android phones that they refuse to try and work on. My phone has nothing to do with the button misaligning issues for example, that is all on Dena as this game is the only game that has that issue.

User Info: Safer_777

1 year ago#19
My game on Android crashes a lot too but not after every battle.
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User Info: sohmwan87

1 year ago#20
@mazurka, thought my new phone would remedy this problem. trying to cast rw. and it defended instead.
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