Who are your favorite healers?

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User Info: MajorMahalo1

10 months ago#11
As far as characters? Garnet, Yuna, and Lenna are my all time favorites.

In FFRK: Y'shtola, Aerith, and Relm since I have their BSB's + Y'shtola has wall. So, I use them a lot.
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User Info: Rhyten

10 months ago#12
Solarwind posted...
raoxi posted...
Hidden bloom is CT0 with a 2000 stock hp too. Is pretty boss.

It sucks 'cause apparently it's causing some peoples' games to crash. I've seen a few lobbies in MP labeled not to bring it because of that.

Those people probably use a non-supported phone (like I am). Thing is, it's their problem, not Denas. If your phone doesn't have enough RAM it might shut down with some soul breaks or other things (like Bartz U+ sometime ago).
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User Info: corrente

10 months ago#13
Any healer with Bard/Dancer access -- Sarah, Cait Sith, Penelo particularly bc I have relics.
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Lord of Nightmares 10 months ago#14
Vanille followed by Eiko.

User Info: roleplayingace

10 months ago#15
Aerith is my favourite FF character ever . I have her BSB and PP but now have Yshtola and Eiko's BSB so she isn't getting as much use anymore which makes me a little sad .

User Info: Ladysoalluring

10 months ago#16
Aerith is my favorite FF character but I missed her Fury Brand and USSB =(

Vanille is also one of my most favorites and I have her USSB, Burst, and Super. Back in the day used to also run her Deprotega/Deshellga as well. I also almost fully dived Vanille accidentally because I don't really have a proper hold of the dive system whoops xD Might as well finish her off now even though their is better choices for diving out there I found out >_>

I don't play FFXIV but I adore kitties (mine is curled up in the nook of a seat right now ;3) and I have everything of Yshtola's, she's great ;D

Unfortunately I missed out on Eiko's USSB and I have no resources to try again even though it is back (funny story when I tried for it during the first time Phase 5 was out I had a pull that was three disco balls and another rainbow ... it was three Zidane OSBs and Dagger's Burst o-o), but I do have her Burst :) My main healer duo is currently Vanille and Yshtola that I bright to multiplayer but I've seen people make great use of Eiko in MP with her super and Burst, she is also great ;D
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User Info: Asternex

10 months ago#17
My favorites are Arc and Minwu because they are male white mages.
However RNG decided my main healers would be Y'shtola for a good while and Aerith with mostly everything but het USB avaliable to me.

Other healer I'd love to be able to use with no regrets is Ovelia. It might be her casting animation.
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User Info: TheChap656

10 months ago#18
Yuna is my favorite healer atm with her BSB2. That Boostga.
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User Info: Majere07

10 months ago#19
Y'shtola - AP, SS2, and Asylum relics.

Pulled Relm's brush which helped with Nemesis D180.
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User Info: borak1985

10 months ago#20
Vanille is my #1 because of Transcendant Dream
My #2 is Minwu because I have 2: his BSB and SSB
My #3 would be Penelo because I have a few relics for her including BSB
My #4 would be Porom because of Sync
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