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User Info: SolitaireD

2 years ago#1
WARNING: To me, this is the most frustrating boss in the entirety of FFRK history.

Yes it can be brute forced, in fact the majority will choose to do so because the mechanics is just absolutely insanely frustrating. But to do that you need to have sufficient summoning/ninja hones, full set of fire resisting accessories and good amount of healing.

Some may be lacking in hones, some may lack defenses, some may even lack Medica relics.
For those players, they may have to play along the rules.
On the bright side, playing along with the gimmick does not require much hones nor relics. Even 1*Cure and 2*Dia can do the trick.

This battle will always be number 1 on my list of horrible bosses in FFRK. Table flipping, phone smashing, head bangingly bad. I've spent more than 10 hours S/Ling for other bosses before. Guardian only took me 2+ hours for the "play by the rules method" and it still takes the throne. It even took me 4 hours just to record the perfect run on a video...

The mother of all timing and micromanaging bosses. Your timing has to be precise to the millisecond. If any of the past Nightmare bosses (or event ones) give you problems because of micromanaging, ROFL. Good luck.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Well, a video speaks a million words for my case.

Video Guide (Legitimate Approach): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_Z2uW7H3dc
*The above video is 16 minutes long. But for those who chose to play by the gimmick after reading the entire guide. I highly recommend that you watch through without skipping to get the mental practice. It's on Speed 2 btw.


6* White Magic, Curada

Single-target h105 heal & 2000 HP Stock, 4 uses at R1.
Requires 10 White, 6 Earth, 6 Holy to create.

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): Shout, Wall, DG, Unyielding Fist, 14 Medica (w/ Eiko BSB), 12 BSB (w/ 100% RD Bartz), 2 OSB

User Info: SolitaireD

2 years ago#2
Guardian: 143,621 HP
Launcher: 9,999 HP
Wave Cannon: 9,999 HP

Medal Conditions:
- Use White Magic on Nightmare Guardian
- Use White Magic on Nightmare Launcher
- Remove Regen from Nightmare Launcher

- Nightmare Guardian has 12,825 DEF, 11,755 RES, 200 SPD
- Nightmare Launcher has 12,825 DEF, 7,584 RES, 250 SPD
- Nightmare Wave Cannon has 12,825 DEF, 13,272 RES, 100 SPD
- All enemies absorbs Lightning, neutral to the rest
- All enemies are immune to all breaks and status ailments


About the fight:

- There are 4 targets in this battle: Guardian, Wave Cannon, 2 x Launcher
- You need to defeat both Launchers to be able to damage Guardian
- Pushing Guardian past 75% and 35% HP will respawn the Launchers. They will also respawn after a number of turns of being dead.
- Overall, you will need to defeat the Launchers 3~5 times.
- Both Launchers and Wave Cannon starts off with Regen, remember to dispel one of the launcher for medal condition.
- The gimmick of the fight is very basic. Guardian and Launchers will attack you normally like any boss does throughout the fight, while Wave Cannon plays a game of Hot Potato with you.

Hot Potato Mechanics:

- On Wave Cannon's first turn, it will lock-on to a random character.
- On the second turn, there will be a message box informing you that it is charging Wave Cannon.
- On the third turn, it will use Wave Cannon on the target it is locked-on to.
- The amount of damage is equals to it's current HP.
- Below 75% HP, it will lock-on to 2 characters.
- Below 35% HP, it will lock-on to 3 characters.

- To transfer the lock-on mark, use any action on a target of your choice.
- The action must connect for the transfer to be successful, ie. it must not miss.
- If the character being locked-on uses an AOE attack, the lock-on will go to a random target. If she uses an AOE heal/buff, the lock-on will go to a random character.

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): Shout, Wall, DG, Unyielding Fist, 14 Medica (w/ Eiko BSB), 12 BSB (w/ 100% RD Bartz), 2 OSB

User Info: SolitaireD

2 years ago#3

- Gravity: 50% current HP damage to a single-target (becomes 87% Graviga below 35% HP)
- Atomic Ray: AOE Fire magic (NAT)
- Gamma Ray: DEF & RES -50% debuff to a single-target
- Shock: Single-target Lightning magic (NAT)
Counters PHY/BLK/NIN with Atomic Ray

- Rainbow Wind: 21% Blind & Sap to a single-target
- Missile: 40% current HP damage to a single-target
- Mustard Bomb: Single-target ranged physical attack, 21% Sap
- Flash: 21% Blind to all targets
- Rocket Punch: 50% current HP damage to a single-target, 21% Confusion (unlocks below 75% HP)
Counters PHY/BLK/NIN with Mustard Bomb


You have 2 options to defeat this boss: Legitimately or Brute Force
Before I go into them, here are some damage values for reference.

With 530 MND, no further buffs:
Wave Cannon - 2268
Launcher - 2984
Guardian - 2429
Wave Cannon - 1147
Launcher - 1518
Guardian - 1216

With 490 MAG, no further buffs:
Wave Cannon - 1810 x 2
Launcher - 2380 x 2
Guardian - 1922 x 2
Wave Cannon - 1167 x 2
Launcher - 1530 x 2
Guardian - 1226 x 2
Wave Cannon - 630 x 8
Launcher - 652 x 8
Guardian - 638 x 8
Wave Cannon - 663 x 2
Launcher - 883 x 2
Guardian - 714 x 2

With 450 MAG, no further buffs:
Phantasm - 5433
Gust - 3654
Fire Veil - 2928

As you can see, the damage is not significant at all. Not even White Magic.
Summonings are expensive to hone and Ninja magic gives the best damage but it will also trigger a counter every single time.

Meanwhile, Wave Cannon has the potential to deal 9999 damage to the Launchers and Guardian without fail.

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): Shout, Wall, DG, Unyielding Fist, 14 Medica (w/ Eiko BSB), 12 BSB (w/ 100% RD Bartz), 2 OSB

User Info: SolitaireD

2 years ago#4
Brute Force Method:

- 5 Fire resist accessories
- AOE heal (BSB>High Regen>Magic Blink)
- Protectga
- Shellga
- Dispel
- Faithga
*Native Wall helps a lot

RW - Selphie BSB/Aerith BSB

- Setup Faithga and mitigations.
- Make use of summons to destroy the Launchers. This way, you will not trigger Mustard Bomb counter.
- Spam summons and ninja magic on Guardian. Remember that Launchers will return at 75% and 35% HP so hold your ninja back before that.
- Repeat

*Using ninja magic as finisher to kill off Launchers can save you some hones while avoiding counterattacks.
*Every ninja magic on Guardian will trigger Atomic Ray which deals around 400 damage with Wall, Shellga and moderate Fire resist. Even then it can hurt when stacked up so make sure if you have sufficient heals.

Selphie BSB is the best choice for RW. Besides Faithga, it can allow your healer to nuke as well. Albeit around 2 x 2800 per command but still better than most of your attacks.
I will still recommend Selphie even to those who have it natively. Faster nuking.
Alternatively, Aerith or Eiko's BSB can easily heal up the Atomic Ray counters with their party heal command.

Video Guide (Ninja reliant): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQT6rzrS3ck

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): Shout, Wall, DG, Unyielding Fist, 14 Medica (w/ Eiko BSB), 12 BSB (w/ 100% RD Bartz), 2 OSB

User Info: SolitaireD

2 years ago#5
Legitimate Method:

- Protectga
- Shellga
- Dispel
- 5 Death resist accessories

RW - Aerith/Eiko BSB

Read through the Hot Potato mechanics above again.

Wave Cannon has 100 SPD. This means that its ATB charging time is 3.83 seconds.
On the first turn, it will lock on to a target(s). 3.83s later, a message box will appear indicating that Wave Cannon is charging. 3.83s later, it will be fired.

Meanwhile, Guardian has 200 SPD. So ATB charging time of 3.167 seconds. Unless you have a genius talent of keeping track of 3.83 and 3.17s separately at all times, you will never accurately know when Guardian will attack.
If you shift your target too early onto Guardian, it could attack you at the very last minute and shift the target back to you.
If you shift it too late because you probably counted to 4 seconds.
Thus the best option is to go as close as 3.83s every time.

All you have to do is straightforward:
- Right after Wave Cannon locks onto you, you have 3.83s to shift the target(s) onto your desired character. I absolutely recommend that you put them all on one in Phase 2/3.
- Then skip to that character and wait for that message box to appear.
- After it shows, count to 3.5s. Use a stopwatch, count it out loud, anything. 3.5s is the minimum, I've experimented countless times and even 3.2s is too fast. Sometimes even 3.5 made me fail...

You can have your other characters do other actions while waiting. But I have to remind you that ATB is always paused while an action is in play (when the blue box appears at the top).
Guardian and Launchers are attacking you constantly, so you already have to pause your count for each attack.

Imagine counting halfway to 2.5s, Guardian uses an attack. You have to pause Immediately, wait for the blue box to disappear and resume counting. This will definitely incur human error. So if you have to pause for your own actions, it will just make things more difficult. Best is to make the idle characters defend.

Also, make sure that you do not use a PHY/BLK/NIN attack to transfer the target, or it will immediately trigger Atomic Ray counter and good game.

You will not need any good SB or abilities with this approach. Just a Shellga and Protectga as necessities, and a Dispel for the medal condition. Fill up the other slots with Cures and Dias.
Most of your characters will be in Defend mode throughout the fight so that's a good mitigation itself. You need to put all your focus in your timing so don't give yourself too much distractions.

If you play 100% by the gimmick, you will emerge victorious after 15 rounds of Hot Potato.
3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): Shout, Wall, DG, Unyielding Fist, 14 Medica (w/ Eiko BSB), 12 BSB (w/ 100% RD Bartz), 2 OSB
(message deleted)

User Info: crunchy612

2 years ago#7
you havent even finished the entire thing and my head's already aching. this guy sounds even s***tier now.
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User Info: Icedragonadam

2 years ago#8
Yeah I think I'm going to just go for the easy way. Because this gimmick sounds obnoxious.
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User Info: raoxi

2 years ago#9
Does physical attack trigger a counter?

User Info: Safer_777

2 years ago#10
Man I hate Nightmare Bosses. I always hate bosses that you need specific counters to win. It sucks. And I guess once again since I don't have anything good for Mages it can't be beaten right? But of course.
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