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User Info: kaonohiokala

3 years ago#231
FFV Lenna MC2/Faris/Krile event
-7 classic dungeons, 11 elite dungeons (includes +, ++, +++, and misfortune bonus battles)
-Character rewards: Galuf (classic-3), Bartz (classic-4), Krile (classic-5), Lenna (classic-6), Faris (classic-7)
-Memory crystal rewards: Lenna (elite-2), Bartz (elite-2), Galuf (elite-4), Krile (elite-4), Faris (elite-5), Lenna MC2 (elite++)
-Equipment rewards: 3* Orichalcum Dirk x2, 3* Mirage Vest x2
-Accessory rewards: 3* Power Armlet (elite-4), 4* Protect Ring (elite-7), 5* Cursed Ring (misfortune)
-Ability rewards: 3* Bio Strike (elite-3), 4* Blizzaga Strike (elite+)

-Krile: Kururu!!! In FFRK, Krile thankfully inherits nothing from Galuf. Instead, she's pure mage with 5* black magic and 5* summoning. Her weapon options are dagger, rod, staff and whip, while for armor she's pretty diverse for a mage with shield, hat, light armor, robe, and bracer. Statistically, Krile is very similar to Rydia but with better bulk in all areas and slightly lower SPD. Krile's default SB lowers one foe's ATK -30%. Her RM1 is actually a downgrade of Rydia's RM2: a 10% boost to summoning damage (Rydi's got 20%).
-Faris: Opposing Krile's straightforward magic build, we've got Faris with a very diverse physical build. FF's first named cross-dresser boasts 5* support, 4* celerity, 5* thief, and 4* dancer. Faris backs up those skills with several weapons: dagger, sword, spear, bow, instrument, whip, and thrown. She's also got the rare trait of being able to equip every armor type in the game. Her default SB is a ranged AoE water attack (x1.0 multiplier). Faris' RM1 is a 50% support spring. Faris' MC2 was released in a Japan-exclusive collab event ~4.5 months after her initial release and her RM2 available then is simply a copy of a RM2 we already have (from Fran) with a 20% physical damage boost from bows.
-3* Bio Strike: Our first poison-elemental spellblade happends to be a 3*. It's got the same x1.8 attack multiplier as the other 3* elemental spellblades.
-3* Power Armlet (V): FFV finally gets its own ATK +15 accessory. Like the rest, it's ATK +23 w/ RS.
-4* Protect Ring (V): It's an HP +500 accessory, +750 w/ RS.
-Elite+: A 3-stage boss rush here featuring Dragon Pod, Atomos, and Crystal x4. Simple reqs with "don't get KO'd" for all 3 stages and put Atomos to sleep. First clear gets you Blizzaga Strike and 4* summon orbs while mastery gets you 5* summon orbs and three 5* growth eggs.
-4* Blizzaga Strike: Ice gets it's 4* spellblade here and like the other 4* spellblades, it's got a x2.1 attack multiplier.
-Elite++: Antlion. Don't get KO'd, hit it with water, and berserk it. First clear gets you 4* black orbs and Lenna's MC2 & mastery gets you 5* black orbs and 4* non-elemental orbs.
-Lenna MC2: Our first white mage MC2 for a while, which is very useful. Lenna's RM2 is unlocked here, which is an Auto-Strong Regen.
-Elite+++: Melusine's here for the +++, but she's not the final boss of the event. Don't get KO'd, bring Lenna, and hit Melusine with sleep for mastery. Initial clear gets you 5* power orbs & 5* dark orbs, and mastery gets you a Rosetta Stone and 4* earth orbs.
-Misfortune: Exdeath is here to welcome you to a brand new difficulty in Misfortune (official translation pending). Mastery reqs are weird in that you need to hit him with fire, ice, and lightning (none of which are weaknesses). First clear gets you the Cursed Ring and 5* non-elemental orbs while mastery grants 5* black orbs and 5* earth orbs.
-5* Cursed Ring (V): Equip this and you will be cursed by large stat boosts. DEF +15 and MAG +20 to be exact (with RS, +23 and +30 respectively)
I still support Stannis Baratheon, the one true king of Westeros.
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User Info: GreenMage7

3 years ago#232
To say this is my most looked forward to event would be an understatement.

The banners are also awesome. I am definitely pulling on the first one, and maybe the second one.
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User Info: Pokefan362

3 years ago#233
FFV fan, eh?

I'm mainly interested in this event for Misfortune bosses, but adding another great Black Mage/Summoner and Support 5 character to the roster sounds excellent!
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
3 years ago#234
kaonohiokala posted...
Equip this and you will be cursed by large stat boosts

Harsh but fair.
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User Info: Simonides

3 years ago#235
Can't wait for the misfortunes to start! (Hope I don't regret saying that!)
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User Info: kaonohiokala

3 years ago#236
Forgot to mention Faris' stats (also can't edit it in due to the character limit). She seems to follow the ranged 5* support build with relatively low stats across the board. Her HP & ATK are slightly higher than the ranged guys and almost as high as Red XIII, but her DEF & even RES are noticeably low. I guess what sets her apart from the other supports is her very high SPD and EVA stats (which are thief-level, to match with her 5* thief I guess). Being a 5* support character (excluding Ramza), Faris loses in almost every stat to all other thieves.
I still support Stannis Baratheon, the one true king of Westeros.
Kaonohi FFRK - Red XIII's Lunatic High / Sazh's Boon (e4dN)

User Info: crunchy612

3 years ago#237
Im pulling on the V banner. I still need more mage stuff.
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