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User Info: kaonohiokala

3 years ago#1
For an up-to-date spreadsheet view: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e1xUGHH-OBdlM0QzWoME4GRJt9v3ocQmdmylI62hwFk/edit?pli=1#gid=0

Last topic got locked, so here's a new one. All dates are estimates gathered from the Japanese schedule, and estimates are based off of that. If you're looking to obtain a character you missed, take note that you can obtain most missed characters via the Rift of Recollection event or Chamber of Recollection feature. Also note that MCs are available for all respective characters featured in upcoming events. MC2s will be listed separately. Event characters are listed in the order they are featured in.

Skipped events
-VII Event (Shinra event, no new characters)
-EX Collab Collection Event - Emperors SaGa
-EX Collab Collection Event - Brass de Bravo: Mog, Edward

-Story: IV-V-X realms, Viking, Fusoya, [MCs: Red XIII, Ninja]
-XIII Event: Hope, Vanille, Snow, (New BQs: Sazh, Lightning)

-VI Event: Setzer, Celes, Strago, (New BQs: Terra, Mog)
-II Collab Collection Event - World Wide Words: Firion, Ricard, Maria, Leon (likely skipped in global)
-V Event: Gilgamesh, Bartz, Galuf, [MC only: Lenna]
-Story: VI-VII-IX realms, Cid, [MCs: Maria, Steiner]
-VIII Event: Seifer, Squall, Zell, [MC2: Squall], (New BQs: Quistis, Selphie)
-IX Event: Amarant, Eiko, Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, (New BQ: Garnet)
-Story: VIII-IX-XIII realms, Devout, [MCs: Dragoon, Leon]

-X Event: Lulu, Wakka, (New BQs: Yuna, Auron
-VI Event: Shadow, Locke, Mog, (New BQs: Cyan, Setzer)
-III Collab Collection Event - Pictologica: Ingus, Refia, Arc, Luneth (likely skipped in global)
-Story: III-IX realms, Ingus, [MCs: Dark Knight, Galuf]
-Event: Rift of Recollection (IV-VII-VIII-X realms) - 4 each of available characters, MCs, and MC2s, [New MC2s: Cecil-P, Rinoa, Tidus, Tyro]
-VII Event: Reno, Sephiroth, Cid, Red XIII, [MC2: Sephiroth], (New BQs: Barret, Zack)
-Story: VI-VII-IX realms: Quina [MC: Mystic Knight]
-V Event: Faris, Lenna, Krile, Bartz, Galuf, [MC2: Lenna], (New BQ: Gilgamesh)

-X Event: Rikku, Auron, Tidus, Yuna, Wakka [MC2: Wakka], (New BQ: Lulu)
-IV Event: Edge, Cecil-DK, Golbez, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, [MC2: Cecil-DK], (New BQs: Tellah, Edward)
-VII Event: (Niconico special mini-event, likely skipped in global)
-Story: V-VI-XII realms, Thief, [MCs: Samurai, Strago]
-XIII Event: Fang, Lightning, Hope, Sazh, [MC2: Lightning], (New BQ: Vanille)
-VII Event: Yuffie, Reno, Red XIII, Tifa, Barret [MC2: Red XIII]
-Story: V-VI-IX realms, Gau, [MCs: Viking, Fusoya]

-IX Event: Beatrix, Quina, Steiner, Garnet, Zidane, [MC2: Steiner], (New BQ: Amarant, Eiko)
-XII Event: Penelo, Vaan, Ashe, Balthier, Fran, [MC2: Fran]
-Story: V-X-XIV realms, Berserker
-EX Collab Collection Event - Mana
-VI Event: Kefka, Edgar, Sabin, Terra, [MC2: Terra], (New BQs: Celes, Shadow)
-I Event: Warrior of Light, [MC2: Warrior of Light] (accessory mini-event)
-V Event: Exdeath, Gilgamesh, Faris, Galuf, Lenna [MC2: Galuf], (New BQ: Krile)
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Kaonohi FFRK - Red XIII's Lunatic High (e4dN)

User Info: kaonohiokala

3 years ago#2
-X Event: Jecht, Yuna, Tidus, [MC2: Yuna], (New BQ: Rikku)
-Feature: Chamber of Recollection - exchange specific tokens for characters, MCs, and MC2s, (3 of each available at start), [New MC2s: Bartz, Gilgamesh, Locke, Aerith, Vivi, Lulu, Vanille, Hope]
-Harvest Festival Event (5 phases: black/dark/lightning, white/holy/earth, summon/fire/ice, power/wind/non-elemental, upgrade materials)
-Abyss dungeon: Memory of Ultima, 6* black magic for all 5* black magic characters
-VII Event: Cloud, Cid, Sephiroth, Tifa, Red XIII, Zack, [New MC2: Tifa], (New BQ: Yuffie)
-VIII Event: Laguna, Selphie, Zell, Irvine, Quistis, Seifer, [MC2: Selphie]

-IX Event: Freya, Garnet, Beatrix, Eiko, Zidane, [MC2: Garnet]
-Abyss dungeon: Memory of Crush, 6* combat for all 5* combat characters
-II Event: Minwu, Maria, Leon, Leila, Gordon, Josef, Firion, [MC2: Firion]

Upcoming banner images:
Hope/Vanille: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/30.png
Setzer/Celes: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/31.png
Gilgamesh/Bartz: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/32.png
Squall MC2/Seifer: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/33.png
Amarant/Zidane: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/34.png
Lulu: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/35.png
Shadow/Locke: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/36.png
Rift of Recollection: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/509.png
Sephiroth MC2: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/37.png
Faris/Krile: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/38.png
Rikku/Auron: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/39.png
Edge/Rosa: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/40.png
Lightning MC2/Fang: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/event/41.png
I still support Stannis Baratheon, the one true king of Westeros.
Kaonohi FFRK - Red XIII's Lunatic High (e4dN)

User Info: kaonohiokala

3 years ago#3
I'll also try to keep up to date on upcoming event/story update info as a sort of sneak peek at what we can expect. For example:

FFVII Lost Memories (Cloud MC2/Barret event)
-5 Rescue dungeons, 8 Pursuit dungeons (includes +, ++, and +++)
-Character rewards: Barret (Rescue-3)
-Memory crystal rewards: Cloud (Pursuit-2), Barret (Pursuit-3), Cloud MC2 (Pursuit++)
-Equipment rewards: 2* Protect Vest (VII) x2, 3* Quicksilver (VII) x1, 3* Mythril Saber (VII) x1
-Accessory rewards: 3* Pearl Necklace (VII), 4* Water Ring (VII)
-Ability rewards: 3* Aerora Strike (Rescue-5), 4* Bonecrusher (Pursuit-5)

-Like some previous events, this event breaks the Classic/Elite mold and the two modes here are Rescue and Pursuit, featuring 10 different regular stages spread throughout them, along with the usual +/++/+++ bonus battles.
-Measuring by stat average, Barret is the absolute worst non-core character in FFRK. Excluding the wimpy princes (Gordon and Edward having more MAG-based stats), Barret even has the lowest ATK of the 5* support units. Red XIII outclasses Barret just about everywhere too. Welp, if you draw a gunarm relic and/or want to use a ranged support dude in an FFVII realm, Barret's your guy? He can equip daggers, guns, and gunarms and he's got hats, light armor, robes (wut?), and bracers. His ability-set is basically Red XIII minus the better magic proficiency (5* support, 3* combat, and 2* black magic). His one and only RM is a support spring I (just a 50% chance to recover support abilities per stage). It's really puzzling why DeNA made Barret like this, especially considering how FFVII is their favorite game. On the bright side, he will later get a buff that allows him to access up to 4* Machinist abilities. It's a new ability class, so we don't exactly know how effective that will be. Following the Japanese schedule, the buff would be expected in 5-6 months.
-3* FFVII gun Quicksilver is available in this event. Sadly, it's only one copy and it maxes out at 74 ATK w/ RS. Might as well hold onto it until you can pick more up via relic draw or future events (max-combined RS would be 113 ATK).
-Aerora Strike is a 3* spellblade ability. Like its elemental counterparts, it's got a x1.8 multiplier. Good to get a stronger wind attack than the 2* stuff we've been using so far.
-For clearing Pursuit-4, you get the 3* Pearl Necklace accessory for FFVII. It grants 15 MND, 23 w/ RS.
-For clearing Pursuit-5, you get the 4* combat ability Bonecrusher. It's got a whopping x2.8 multiplier, but you suffer a 25% loss of your max HP.
-The 4* accessory Water Ring is the reward for clearing the + boss rush. It gives a minor resistance to water and that's it (yay?). Boss rush contains 4 stages: Guard Scorpion, Air Buster, Sample:H0512, and Rufus. Don't get KO'd x4 and exploit the lightning weakness of the first 2.
-We can finally break Lv. 65 with our first character! Cloud's MC2 is obtained by defeating Jenova-LIFE in the ++ stage. Released with it is Cloud's RM3, which gives a SB gauge at the beginning of a dungeon (very useful). To master Jenova:LIFE, don't get KO'd, bring Cloud, and inflict Stop.
-The +++ stage is against Jenova-DEATH. You get 60,000 gil for clearing, 5* power orbs & 50,000 gil for first clear, 4* power orbs & 5* fire orbs for mastery. For mastery, bring Cloud, Barret, and don't get KO'd.
I still support Stannis Baratheon, the one true king of Westeros.
Kaonohi FFRK - Red XIII's Lunatic High (e4dN)

User Info: annonymous2k6

3 years ago#4
Woot. Thanks for this
im a random poster.

User Info: kaonohiokala

3 years ago#5
Global October update #2 (IV-V-X realms)
-3 FFIV dungeons, 3 FFV dungeons, 3 FFX dungeons (9 classic dungeons, 9 elite dungeons)
-Unlock order: 3 FFV dungeons --> 3 FFIV dungeons and 3 FFX dungeons
-Character rewards: Viking (FFV Classic-1), Fusoya (FFIV Classic-3)
-Memory crystal rewards: Red XIII (FFV Elite-3), Ninja (FFX Elite-2)
-Difficulty range: FFIV classic 89-92, FFV classic 86-87, FFX classic 88-91, FFIV elite 118-132, FFV elite 106-113, FFX elite 118-131
-Projected stamina max: 140 + 2/5 shards

-This is the last FFIV dungeon update that Japan has received to date, joining the ranks of FFI and FFII. They did receive one FFIV event in the meantime though (and Rift of Recollection featured the FFIV realm as well). Unlike FFI and FFII, the FFIV realm is also home to everyone's favorite daily dungeon, so at least it still has that going for it.
-Time for yet another physical core character that no one asked for. It's Viking! Weapons are dagger, axe, and hammer. Armors are helm, heavy armor, and bracers. 4* combat as his only ability option. That's about as barebones as you can get. Default SB is an attack w/ a chance to cancel the enemy's action. Vikings MC is expected at the usual 3 month delay, and with it comes his RM1 (x1.1 damage w/ hammers) and his RM2 (turns Attack into Charge). Bleh.
-FFIV's late game Tellah clone has arrived. Fusoya's redeeming feature is his 5* black magic and 5* white magic. He's got the minimal sage gear to equip: dagger, rod, staff, hat, robe, bracer. Default SB is a decent all-party Regen at least. Worst part about him is the 3 month delay that all story characters have in getting their MCs. At least for Fusoya, he offers amazing RMs: black+white magic springs I & II. Perfect for the sage character, Fusoya's RMs replenish both black & white magic abilities. You can also us his RM2 as a spare Mana Spring II or Concentration II if that's what you need instead.
-One of global's most anticipated memory crystals has finally arrived. After teasing us in at least 2 different FFVII events with the prospect of Red XIII's memory crystal, it finally makes its debut exactly where it did in Japan. His RM1 is Auto-Reflect and his RM2 is SOS Heavy Regen.
-Hope you've been training your Ninja up in Orbtober Fest, because he gets his MC in this update. RM1 is x1.1 damage with thrown weapons & RM2 is SOS Mirage. Yay...
I still support Stannis Baratheon, the one true king of Westeros.
Kaonohi FFRK - Red XIII's Lunatic High (e4dN)

User Info: Lvl9999Prinny

3 years ago#6
Looks like I'll have Tidus' MC2 sitting there for 3 events while he's capped at 50.

I don't think I could spare a blank MC1 for him. Two are probably already gone for Edward and Pecil.
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User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
3 years ago#7
Lvl9999Prinny posted...
Looks like I'll have Tidus' MC2 sitting there for 3 events while he's capped at 50.

I don't think I could spare a blank MC1 for him. Two are probably already gone for Edward and Pecil.

Yeah My MC1s are going to PCecil, Edward, Firion, and Aerith. So have to skip on Tidus' as well.

User Info: stirlock

3 years ago#8
"Show us on this Onion Knight doll where Kefka junctioned the Espers to you" LVL9999Prinny
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User Info: BlueAnnihilator

3 years ago#9
stirlock posted...

Bonus Quest.
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User Info: begsta

3 years ago#10
Thanks for taking the time to do this
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