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User Info: Solioxrz362

2 years ago#1

If you don't have an account on any of these sites, you should definitely make one and see how you're doing! These sites give you scores based on your trophies/achievements, where the score that each trophy/achievement gives you is dependent on how many people have gotten it. So, for example, many of the trophies in Super Meat Boy are really valuable in TrueTrophy points because they're incredibly difficult to get, while the trophies in The Order: 1886 are significantly less valuable because they're easy to get and tons of people have them.

TrueTrophies: Solioxrz362
TrueAchievements: Solioxrz362
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User Info: ninkendo

2 years ago#2
CaptainRockman on TrueTrophies

User Info: The Mana Sword

The Mana Sword
2 years ago#3
Gylgamesh501 on both

User Info: Shaduln

2 years ago#4
LordSquires on both.
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User Info: JonThePenguin

2 years ago#5
Erunion on all three.

But I hardly game on Steam and barely touch PS. <_<

User Info: Arti

2 years ago#6
TT: Articuno2001

and that's it
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User Info: BitSaturn64167

2 years ago#7
Gamerkid24315 on Xbox Achievements
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User Info: gwwak

2 years ago#8
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: MegamanX

2 years ago#9
TrueTrophies: StingX2
TrueAchievements: StingX2

User Info: happibivouac

10 months ago#10
TA: happibivouac
TA: scr3amsquad

We got a Discord for TrueGaming Network as well.
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