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(message deleted)

User Info: Mookiethebold

2 years ago#52
Emulator posted...
How did you find that?

Type % in the search bar and you can see all the hidden archived topics.
i'll stick around

User Info: gwwak

2 years ago#53
I actually found out because I found a link to an old topic here. Didn't know about the % trick, but that is interesting. This board is pretty unique due to no purging and the manual purging being hidden archive.
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(message deleted)

User Info: DiduXD

2 years ago#55
Badge for reporting NSFW ads.

User Info: Garioshi

2 years ago#56
Badges for having a 500 topic and 500ing a topic

Additionally, a badge for 501ing a topic.
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User Info: KittyHeart

2 years ago#57

are this badge suggestions still open?
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User Info: CoolerDude

2 years ago#58
Ummmm. A badge for moderators and admins?

Moderator badge- Gold with a aqua blue "M"

Admin badge- Gold with a bright red "A"

Thanks to SBAllen!
Ummmmm........ wasn't my post supposed to end by now?
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