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User Info: ZeoKnight

4 months ago#21
Wow they made a quick response. I'm sure the feature was unavailable one hour ago. Thank you very much.

I noticed in the Top Contributor tab of Community page, section Wordsmith (Won FAQ of the Month), in the case of collaborative FAQs the system only gives the badge to the first author. For instance, if you look at the FOTM page , TrulyDexterous won four times (Aprill 2008, July 2008, January 2009, October 2009) but in the community page he only has three badges.
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User Info: Terantatek

4 months ago#22
A badge for number of times quoting people would be a good addition.

Sorry if it's already there.
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User Info: LordRattergun

4 months ago#23
The badge system is an improvement, but there is one thing lacking.

The trophy logo should have three handles.
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User Info: Emulator

4 months ago#24
I would suggest we should have a site board with badge level restriction.
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User Info: Lord_Wombat

4 months ago#25
Posting on a certain amount of boards

Certain amount of posts per day/week/month

User Info: Tyranthraxus

4 months ago#26
How about a "You're Winner!" trophy for getting the "You're Winner!" trophy page (max one per day)
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User Info: LordOfDabu

4 months ago#27
AssultTank's monthly GameFAQs Competitions might get more exposure if they had badges tied to them (participating/placing)
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User Info: gwwak

4 months ago#28
AMP related badges and/or unique number of topics in AMP badges.
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User Info: th3l3fty

4 months ago#29
I'm kind of surprised the two meta badges weren't carried over - though with the new system, the badge level one would be more than a bit skewed by a few people.

Still, if you're going to have leaderboards, I think it would be interesting to have one for most unique badges.
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User Info: untrustful

4 months ago#30
April Fools badge for logging in on April 1st
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