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User Info: SBAllen

2 years ago#1
Howdy all. We learned pretty quickly that our first implementation of Badges... wasn't the best. Because of that, we weren't really overly interested in adding new ones after a while so the previous topic about them was pretty much left alone.

Now that we've revamped the system and made it fresh again, we're more open to the idea of adding new user-suggested Badges again. So please, suggest away!
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User Info: TarElessar

2 years ago#2
Perhaps one for getting a topic / multiple topics on a game board stickied? Users usually put a lot of effort into short sticky guides and alike.
Great overhaul overall :)

User Info: Tyranthraxus

2 years ago#3
Get mentioned a certain amount of times
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User Info: Warhawk

2 years ago#4
I like the layout of the badges now compared to the old way. If I think of one for a suggestion I can be sure to suggest it.

@SBAllen As I was looking through mine after the revamped badges as I noticed one does seem out of date. The Wordsmith shows me at winning FOTM 3 times when it should be updated for where it'd be for winning that 7 times.
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User Info: P4wn4g3

2 years ago#7
Badge for an accepted site suggestion, unless that means you guys would hate answering site suggestions then nevermind.

Beta Tester badge, for obvious reasons.

Badge for reporting site bugs/issues. I've sent in a bunch at this point.

CSS/Script contribution badge

Badge for being the first poster on a board

The Captain- badge for Devin Morgan posting in your topic

Expert Rapper- Badge for SBAllen posting in your topic

Etc for other admins.

Private Board Member- Awarded to users who are/were members of a pre-community board Private board.
Private Board Admin- Awarded to users who are/were admins of a pre-community board Private board.
Private Board Owner- Awarded to users who are/were owners of a pre-community board Private board.

WikiFAQs - Contributed to a Wiki

Niche Gamer - First to submit an in-depth walkthrough for a game.

GameFAQs Gold - Posted here during the days of BethanyM (merger times)

P4wn'd - Successfully usurped a private board owner. Because why not.

ZOMG ITS SBALLEN - Badge for posting in a topic made by Sballen.

Who's this guy? - Badge for posting in a topic made by any other admin.

These were some I did in the other topic. They look like they would still apply.
smoliske posted...
SpinKirby posted...
Can we get a badge for moderations?

or a more serious suggestion, a badge for going so much time WITHOUT a moderation

This is a good idea.

Also I feel like we need contest related badges. My idea for that one is getting an image accepted. Totally not self serving from having a few hundred accepted, honest! :D
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User Info: Shotgunnova

2 years ago#9
Same-time post badge when?
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