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User Info: KFHEWUI

1 year ago#71
Attack of the Evil Poop

“Attack of the Evil Poop” delivers challenging, fast-paced gameplay. Prove to yourself that you are the elitest of all elite toilet warriors! With an intriguing story, a local versus mode, several unlockables and hilarious in-game moments, this insane title will make you poop your pants for joy!

R.I.P. SaikyoMog! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-seAIeu3Og
"Me and my swole chihuahua are about to blow you away, Becky," Anya Forger, SPYxFAMILY.

User Info: Definitelyhuman

11 months ago#72
Hey, now I know who to credit instead of just "some admin/moderator/somebody who runs the damn site" when I make guides for games I add the data for. Hooray, less bytes.
AKA Humanish

User Info: EvilResident

4 months ago#73
hey @ZoopSoul how do I request a new game board get created.? Resident Evil Re:verse is a spin-off game launching this summer (it was supposed to launch with Resident Evil Village but got pushed back) akin to Resident Evil Resistance that launched alongside the RE3make , and that got its own board

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