We'd like to change the moderation system and we'd like your input

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User Info: Tmk

5 months ago#491
Not sure I like this idea. If you've ignored that user their post will only affect you if others quote it.

Or if they troll in a way that derails the topic.

Like what trolls repeatedly do.
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User Info: UltiXX

5 months ago#492
Man you Board 8 people are so unfair to MWC. That guy is hilarious!
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User Info: Jolteon

5 months ago#494
ChromaticAngel posted...
Tarrun posted...
- Users have to be able to provide some sort of comment when disputing as well. There have definitely been situations when a mod totally misinterpreted the post, and if the reviewing moderators only have the initial mod's note then they can make the same mistake. It's uncommon but I think we all recognize that this has happened. The user should at least be able to clarify why they believe the moderator is wrong to allow the reviewing mods to see both sides.

I agree.

Plus the left behind message will provide better "first contact" arguments. Often times when writing a dispute, I don't know exactly why it was deleted and may propose a counter argument to something that wasn't under consideration for deleting the message.

This is a huge thread so I hope this hasn't been addressed to death already, but this is what stuck out to me, as well. I mean, there are some larger issues that I have opinions about, like the idea that GameFAQs is in any sense "too harsh" on trolling, but if we're changing the moderation system, the biggest change I'd like to see is an explanation for why a given post is being moderated, rather than just a generic box tick. I'd like to keep this example short, but here's something that would have gone much more smoothly if I'd known specifically why I was being modded.

During the early access for a recent MMO expansion, there were cripplingly long wait times due to server congestion and DDoS attacks which led to the community referring to a particular piece of instanced content as if it were a kind of mid-boss. I made a discussion topic which casually referenced that meme and it was deleted for "spoilers with no warning". I was at a total loss when I saw the moderation, and I disputed it for that reason, but since I had no idea what the "spoilers" were, I didn't have a chance to explain that it was just a community meme, and when I got a response from the moderator I contested it with a couple days later, it felt pointless to try to escalate it further even though it was just a simple misunderstanding. To add to the confusion, I was actually trying to be overly cautious about potential spoilers, so I used spoiler tags in my post.

The point is, it wouldn't have happened if I'd been informed about what specifically I was being modded over. I've been modded a handful of times, and one was actually overturned after a polite back and forth, but the problem with the existing system is that even if you feel like you have a perfectly legitimate reason to dispute, it's largely out of your hands by the time the decision is made. Making it even more difficult to politely state your position would only add to that problem.
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User Info: Kenri

5 months ago#495
Aussie2B posted...
While I think this site's #1 problem is trolling by far, since this topic is still open, I'll additionally state that I'm wholly opposed to any kind of expiration date on spoilers. I don't think all spoilers are created equal, and widely known spoilers about old media shouldn't be punished as severely as spoilers for brand-new media. But that said, any spoiler that's not in spoiler tags nor in a topic where the title warns for spoilers should be punished (assuming one isn't going overboard in what they regard as a spoiler; I'm not talking stuff you learn in the prologue or minor, insignificant details). Just the fact that older games are constantly being ported, remastered, remade, rebooted, etc. should prove how illogical an expiration date would be. And this is not even getting into the fact that there's a sizable retro gaming community on GameFAQs that regularly plays games from all eras for the first time. Not every gamer is only concerned with the latest releases and plays them the second they come out.

I'll second all of this, for whatever it's worth. My two biggest priorities rules-wise would be keeping spoilers enforced and getting rid of trolls, and it seems like the proposed changes here move away from what I'd prefer in both cases.

Every other proposed change seems fine though.
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User Info: Pokegirl

5 months ago#496
I don't know if this has been addressed already, but would the flair system be used as a replacement for split boards for online activity requests and offline discussion topics then? IE, would the Pokemon game boards in the future just be one big board for each game, with flairs to hide/show trade topics, online battle topics, etc.? Because that might be a mess...
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User Info: GOATTHlEF

5 months ago#497
Will there be another topic once this one gets closed?
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User Info: HaRRicH

5 months ago#498
Maybe a topic dedicated to each of these subjects with some feedback taken from us here to see what they do and don't like. It'd be nice to see what their reactions are so far and to not have to debate about spoiler-rules over debates about offensiveness.
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(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: xp1337

5 months ago#499
SBAllen said before there'd be a second topic where they would respond:

SBAllen posted...
Just to let everyone know, we are still reading this topic. Had to bail on replying yesterday due to an injury but once this topic reaches 500, I'll do my best to pull out all of the most useful comments and commentary and start up a second topic to discuss those ideas further. It might take me a few days after this one closes since there's a lot to go through here, but I want to get as much community feedback as possible before we start deciding what we do and don't want to roll out from all of this.
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User Info: HaRRicH

5 months ago#500
Get well soonf
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