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User Info: Gamer99z

8 months ago#161
Wow can't believe it's been 6 months. Any chance of getting an update on this? Is an official app even something that's still being even remotely considered in any capacity? Has it been dropped for the foreseeable future?
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User Info: The_Mockingbae

8 months ago#162
Would it really be that difficult for SBAllen to give us an update on this one way or the other half a year after it was posted?

User Info: SBAllen

8 months ago#163
To those wondering, we have collected all of the data presented in this topic and documented it. In order to justify building an app, we have to not only spec out the technical end but also be able to present a use case to those in charge to show them why investing the time and effort into building an app has a payoff. This topic is no longer needed and we thank everyone who participated.
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