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User Info: SBAllen

2 years ago#1
As you might or might not have noticed (check GFA if you haven't!), we have recently added Badges to the site to reward users for contributing to and participating on the site.

We thought it would be fun for everyone to come up with ideas for Badges that they would like to see. There are no guarantees that we can create them all, but if we see any that we really like we'll certainly try to get them added.
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User Info: Lokarin

2 years ago#3
Lok Badge

For being me, yayaya
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User Info: xFieryFiendx

2 years ago#4
Karma badges. Give a badge in increments of 500. First 500 karma, you get a badge. When a user gets to 1,000 karma, they get a badge and so on and so forth. If 500 is too much or too little, then an admin can choose whichever method of getting a karma badge works best.
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User Info: ToiletDuck64

2 years ago#5
Maybe we should have holiday badges for posting on certain holidays (for example, a "Christmas Badge" for posting on Christmas Day).
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User Info: LusterSoldier

2 years ago#6
Filling out a bracket for a major site contest should be worthy of a badge. I'm a bit surprised the initial set of badges didn't include anything related to the major site contests.

You probably could go back and retroactively award a badge to those who filled out a bracket for last year's BGE contest. I assume all of the contest entries from the last contest are still stored in the database. Beyond that, contest entries from the 2013 contest and earlier contests probably aren't on the database (maybe they still are, I don't know).
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User Info: KeyBlade999

2 years ago#7
Probably Badges for being a Top Contributor or Answers user.

A Badge for being a Featured Contributor?

Maybe one for submitting PotD ideas that get used?

Another for voting in board polls?

Maybe one for getting your topics stickied?

One for getting your FAQs and reviews starred (not just for FotM/RotM wins)?

One for getting X upvotes on your Cheats submissions and your Answers... er, answers.

Those are the only ones I can really think of. I think Badges for making X topics or posting X times could be made but that might encourage spamming.
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User Info: LanHikari10

2 years ago#8
KeyBlade999 posted...
Another for voting in board polls?

I was thinking of this one as well.

Perhaps for specifically creating poll topics too, like an extension to the Creator badge.
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User Info: RockMFR

2 years ago#9
10000 messages marked
10000 active posts
10000 page views in one day
Be a good little washing machine, now... o_0

User Info: LanHikari10

2 years ago#10
RockMFR posted...
10000 messages marked
10000 active posts
10000 page views in one day

I'm a little weary about this. It might cause people to spam marks and messages, which is not cool. >_>

Unless you're talking like 10,000 active messages across your whole time on the site or something.
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