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User Info: SBAllen

11 years ago#1
The big announcement of the week this week is the addition of a new FAQ format that allows users to put basic markup into their guides. What does this mean? It means that guides in this new format will have an auto-generated Table of Contents with working clickable links and the ability to add their own clickable links in their guide, text formatting (bold and italics), boxed content, tables, bulleted lists, images, and more! There will be a working tutorial on using this new formatting hopefully next week, but in the meantime if you're curious about it you can check out the FAQ Contributor board for discussion about it and you can view my Final Fantasy IV DS guide for a working example:


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That would be the guide for FF4 for the ds. I wrote the guide back when the game first came out in Japan and was boggling the minds of many importers. I was able to quickly convert it to English when it came out in the states and it was the only guide available anywhere for most of a month. That made me really happy and it was definitely a fun project, which is of course why it was the one I chose to convert for the new format.

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I think the completion projects are fascinating. I love knowing that people can rely on our site to help them through EVERY game on a given console, no matter how obscure. Really, I suppose the ultimate goal of the site would be to have complete coverage of every game in existence and these completion projects are really the only way this would ever get done. GameFAQs has such an amazing userbase so I think we can all pull it off.

"Internet access exists in Antarctica to the temporary residents who are down there for whatever reason (research, etc). With that said, have any of the polls on the site received at least a single vote from Antarctica?" -Luster Soldier

Unfortunately, we haven't gotten a vote yet from Antarctica. This question made me curious though about where else we have and haven't gotten votes from. We track data from 245 countries/territories right now. Of those, only 27 of the populated areas have not registered a single vote in our polls (that's including Antarctica). The other regions that we DON'T have a vote from, and their relative population, are:

Korea, Democratic People's Republic of [23,858,295]
Chad [11,067,437]
Somalia [8,953,890]
Tajikistan [6,836,083]
Central African Republic [4,423,452]
Guinea-Bissau [1,575,446]
Swaziland [1,167,834]
Timor-Leste [1,098,386]
Equatorial Guinea [659,197]
Comoros [643,571]
Western Sahara [513,000]
Kiribati [96,557]
Wallis and Futuna [15,237]
Nauru [13,770]
Tuvalu [12,177]
Saint Pierre and Miquelon [7,044]
Montserrat [4,488]
Saint Helena [4,255]
Svalbard and Jan Mayen [2,140]
Niue [1,444]
Tokelau [1,433]
Christmas Island [1,402]
Holy See (Vatican City State) [826]
Cocos (Keeling) Islands [596]
French Southern Territories [140]
Pitcairn [50]

Everywhere else that we track has had at least one vote, all the way down to the US Minor Outlying Islands and their population of 316. Another interesting stat is that Canada has the highest ratio of total population to total votes, right ahead of the US, though the US has the most overall votes right ahead of Canada. Fun, huh?
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