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User Info: SBAllen

12 years ago#1
Sorry for the lack of a topic last week. Over the weekend I had a bit of a medical scare that I won't elaborate on. Went to the doctor a few days later and still waiting on the results, but I'm not thinking it's anything too serious. However, remaining minor symptoms like nausea have made work a bit unpleasant this week so I apologize for a few of the queues getting a bit backlogged. Hopefully things will be back running smoothly again next week. I plan to unwind a bit this weekend and if all goes well I want to start working on my next FAQ for the site, so hopefully the first partial release of that will be up on Monday.

"How many total FAQs and Reviews does GameFAQs currently host (excluding files removed for various reasons)?" -Blueberry Buttface

49044 FAQs and 113194 reviews. Impressive!

"What is your overall favorite video game genre and why?" -Devin Morgan

I've always been a fan of RPGs. I just like games that I can really get swept up in, with interesting and immersive plots with cool characters and abilities. I really like games where I have to explore every corner to try to find all of the hidden things in the game. While I generally can enjoy almost all genres, I tend to spend most of the time playing through RPGs.

"How much time do you spend each week just plowing through feedback?" -xXMithril5Xx

Depending on how many tickets have been submitted, what the tickets are about, and when the last time I went through all of the tickets was, a single session can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over 2 hours. If I had to make a random guess, I'd say that about 3-5 hours a week would be a pretty good estimate of overall time spent going through feedback, depending on the traffic for that week.

"Which one of the original eight Street Fighter II characters was your favourite? Which one of the original four Street Fighter II bosses was your favourite? Got Street Fighter IV? Which 2D Street Fighter series is your all-time favourite? Did you put four Street Fighter polls up in a row because of the "IV" in "Street Fighter IV"?" -TakatoMatsuki

Dhalsim. He had the most unique attack style, even if he wasn't my best character to use. Plus I almost never saw anyone else using him. For bosses, I thought that Vega (NA name, Balrog in the JP version) was the most unique and interesting to fight against. I do not have SFIV yet as I will be hopefully picking it up this weekend sometime. Of the 2D series, I would probably go with Street Fighter Alpha 3. There were just so many interesting characters and fighting styles in the game so it never got boring. As for the 4 SF polls in a row, it's good to see that didn't go by unnoticed. ;)

"Joel or Mike?" -Ricky Williams

I'm probably going to get some crap for this, but if I'm going to be completely honest I have to go with Mike. That's not to say that Joel's episodes weren't hilarious because they certainly were, and no one can beat Joel's deadpan delivery. However, in general I just liked the Mike episodes better, and the chemistry between Mike, Bill, and Kevin was just top notch. My favorite episode of all was a Mike ep, Space Mutiny. Not to mention that comparing their current projects (Rifftrax vs Cinematic Titanic), Mike's is significantly more entertaining than Joel's. I love them both though. I wonder how many people are going to have literally no idea what this Q&A is about.

"What's your favorite game show? (ex: Deal or no Deal). If you could become a contestant on any game show of your choice, which one would it be?" -Unowninator

My all-time favorite game show has to be Press Your Luck. It was just so over the top and silly that I couldn't help but love it as a kid and I still like to catch old episodes when I can on GSN. The new Whammy show, however, is awful. If I could be on any game show of my choosing, it would probably be Lingo, just because I'm really good at it and I think it would be the easiest to win. ;)
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