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User Info: SBAllen

13 years ago#1
Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July (or Canada Day week or whatever is going on in your country at the moment). You probably noticed I have the day off, but I couldn't go without announcing the results of the first week of the contest! So since I'm about ready to fire up the grill and shoot off some fireworks, let me quickly open up the mailbag...

"Do you ever spend time on the message boards other than SBAllin'!, or does being head honcho keep you strictly to lurker status in order to avoid the crowds of "OMG SBA! 500!!!"? Or do you have an anonymous alt that you use for that?" -CoolBeansAvl

I don't post with an alt, though I have a few I've very rarely used just to test some things. I read several of the social boards and will always frequent the board of any particular game I'm playing at the moment, but I don't really post that often. It's less about worrying about the "OMG SBA! 500!!!" and more that I prefer to save my rare posts for something particularly funny or witty that enters my mind. Luckily my posting usually doesn't result in explosions to 500, which is how I prefer it.

"Who has stepped in to help you out [in the contributor queue] or are you the only one sorting through?" -Menji76

It's just me. I hope people keep that in mind when they check Contributor Central and see a large backlog on content over the weekend, on holidays, or on my rare sick days before submitting huge blocks of content all at once. ;)

"How many boards IN TOTAL do you have on GameFAQs?" -Gabriel6724

As of the moment that I posted the question on monday, the answer to this question was 66176. I immediately went through afterwards and added over a hundred new boards just to throw potential board counters off. Here are the top five people closest to the correct answer:

#1 DarkstarRipclaw (66170)
#2 leon3142 (66184)
#3 manocheese (66190)
#3 TyphlosionIsMe (66190)
#5 DreamwaIker (66197)

A big congratulations to DarkstarRipclaw for winning the first private board from the contest! I will get in touch with you in the next few days and we can go about setting up your board.

I hope to see just as big of a response to next week's contest, and good luck to everyone that enters. Enjoy your weekend and check back in on monday for the next question (and a bit of clarification on the rules as well)!
"Um, let's face it, you'd be better off staying at the Hilton."
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