12/12/12: A day I certainly won't forget

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User Info: SBAllen

5 years ago#1
Howdy all. In case you were wondering where I've been lately, I had a bit of a surprise pop up on 12/12/12.

As I've mentioned in a few places before, my wife was pregnant with our first child. The due date was 12/27, which was perfect as it was already during my holiday and I wouldn't have been working anyway.

However, our little guy didn't feel like waiting another two weeks. He was born on the 12th and he's healthy and happy. He's also a handful, and since CBSi gives new fathers paternal leave, I haven't really stopped by here very much since he was born.

Devin's been keeping an eye out on technical issues (along with putting the finishing touches on the FAQ Editor!) while I've stopped by a few times to handle a few of the community issues (mostly message board stuff along with new/updated FAQs). Now that we're starting to get into a routine around here with the baby, I might be able to get more stuff done on the site. Not that I HAVE to as I'm on leave, but I hate knowing there's good quality content sitting around where no one can see it.

At any rate, that's where I've been and where I'll be the next few weeks. As a little bonus, I decided to do a small karma boost based around that magical number 12. For all accounts in good standing created before 12/12/12 that have logged in at least once 12/12/12 got a free 12 karma.

Happy holidays and please bear with me with these slow updates.
"Um, let's face it, you'd be better off staying at the Hilton."
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  3. 12/12/12: A day I certainly won't forget

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