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User Info: Shadow_Blaze23

1 month ago#21
Veedrock- posted...
Shadow_Blaze23 posted...
Veedrock- posted...
Got YRP first pull. Anybody got 5* stats for the others? Can't augment my old Paine card to know if I wanna collect another.

900 attack 600 break power. They're pretty outdated and weak since they're cones. Their only redeeming feature is the crystal seeker auto-ability and 2 open fractal slots they have.

They had crystal seeker and 2 fractal slots at 4*. I have a soft spot for Paine FFX-2 because I used 4 copies of it in my main deck for nearly a year, using the fractal slots for +exp.

Calling these cards weak "since they're cones" is stupid. For costing 3 orbs, having some AOE, and packing a debuff, 900/600 is pretty fantastic imo. Their big downside is the competition these specific element/class combinations have, they're super populated. I can't even count how many fire/warrior cards I have.

Thanks for the info.

Them being single hit without any additional damage passives means they'll be lacking compared to newer cards. Their cone status also makes them tricky to utilize in AoE situations since you might miss enemies based on their positioning. I'd much rather rely on MTF cards and prismatic return.
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User Info: Alessar

1 month ago#22
It's pretty annoying that the old 4+ cards don't get updated to 5+ status, you have to pull new cards. That's just so damn cheap.

User Info: TheUnroe

1 month ago#23
Ok so...the deck combo of prima donna and ss got me through the skill trials AND the valefor "no pd" node. The breaking of the flans before killing them does keep the dark flans docile so thanks for that info. Whew part 2 finally completed lol

User Info: TheUnroe

1 month ago#24
Oh and if anyone wants to know for suggestions...

For the trial of skills:
Prima donna: anemone, phantom train, yep, and aerith
Ss-s: bahamut zero, ykt-63, lunafreya, and aerith
Rental: wol
Broke the flans with prima then before 3rd battle switched to ss and cleansed with lunafreya and rebuffed. Dark flans didnt touch me.

For valefor, prima donna deck and rental stayed the same but ss changed to: ultrix, ardyn, pelupelu, and aerith. I never faced valefor in mp so this was my first time against him/her. I actually managed to survive long enough to switch from ss to prima then ss again so valefor's dark resist changed to earth resist and when I got back to ss I could let ardyn drop him then finish off the flans for dessert lol.

User Info: Mimetic_soup

1 month ago#25
Well it took two stamina bars of fleeing on death but Valefor is no more (and believe me, I facepalmed when I realised too late I had not adjusted the difficulty from hard when I went back to regular crystal grinding)

Took the tickets and Yolo'd Rikkus banner (Rikku is my fave ff character besides Yuffie) Rikku, but got six new cards (finally, an earth monk card besides the shop ones and sicarius!), four getting autoboosted to 4*
"Or maybe you're the chosen one. More likely the glutton for punishment though..." - Raz
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User Info: Al_Sleeper

1 month ago#26
Pull #1-2:

Another good one.

User Info: BlackCatSenPai

1 month ago#27
Would be dandy if they used the FFXV Leviathan model instead of FFXI's. Or at least Apocalypsis Aquarius as BGM/battle theme considering it's much less effort for a top tier ost.
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User Info: TheUnroe

1 month ago#28
Well...I still haven't learned my lesson to not pull from the js supreme banner. Everytime I do it's the same every time...all dupes

User Info: The_Lourde

1 month ago#29
Wow. Am I playing Mobius or Earthbound?
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User Info: Al_Sleeper

1 month ago#30
The_Lourde posted...
Wow. Am I playing Mobius or Earthbound?
GPU overheat?

Pull #1-3:

And another good one.
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