Best White Mage Multiplayer Support Cards?

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User Info: gotohades

2 years ago#11
60fps posted...
I have around 34 tickets, so I can buy a maxed barrier and a base level cure. Is that better than settling for Yuna?

Not really. You still need cure to be level 4 if you want to get the quick cast extra skill. Without that you basically have a weaker heal that still takes an action.

Before buying anything though wait and see if anyone else has some input for you. All of this is just my personal opinion on what I think the best course of action is for you.
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User Info: 60fps

2 years ago#12
Ok thanks. I'll wait and see like you've suggested.
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User Info: Kuronan32

2 years ago#13
Honestly I love the idea of the quick action but I hate the Cait Sith card. Won't be able to max out my Chocobo but I'll be coming in with Artemis, Hades and Moogle (I really needed to work Light seeds into my build, didn't think Artemis would be as useful as Drain so I maxed Hades first, the regrets are real)

Is Yuna better than Hades for White Mage?
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