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User Info: splattered

3 years ago#1
Off-Topic here sorry... but I could have sworn that people were reporting that the show was ending at the end of the great ninja war story arc so they could start focusing on Boruto.

I just went and looked at a fillers website and it says the show is continuing and the new stuff is considered canon? Right now I see Sasuke and Shikamaru storylines?

Just picked up The Last for $9.99 on Bluray from Amazon so I went and looked into the show again.

User Info: patoriku_tora

3 years ago#2
Afaik, they just did a short filler series focused on the childhood of some characters and they adapted the light novels Sasuke Shinden and Shikamaru Hiden. Other than that it's still going but the main canon story as we know it has ended.
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