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User Info: Duallowe

2 months ago#1
I have been playing NUNS4 since 2017. I consider myself a decent player. I have max rank with 83% win percent in ranked match with no disconnects or rage quits. But I feel like some people are way too fast. For example some people can chakra dash, change character and chakra dash again, everything like happening at the same time. This in particular sometimes makes my character throw churiken to the air instead of the enemy. Also some people use a jutsu, change character and chakra dash way too fast. You can't even do a side step with out getting hit. Some people block in mid air and use the counter way too fast once their character touch the ground. Some people charge a little bit of chakra (enough to do only one chakra dash), use chakra dash and then change charaters to chakra dash again making it look like they don't lose chakra the first time they use the chackra dash.

I have beaten people like that, usually taking advantage of their mistakes or outsmarting their play style. Though most of the time I end up losing.

My point is that there is something weird about it. It feels like even if you see it, everything they do goes first before your moves. I have been looking for answers everywhere but no one seems to explain how they do it. It was hard for me to tell if it was legit or if people were hacking or using turbo controllers. I watched a video the World Championships in Europe and everyone in that competition seems to play that fast.

Maybe I have never reached that level of gameplay, but I would appreciate if someone can can shed some light about it or tell if you have felt the same.

User Info: chasingastrals

2 months ago#2
I wouldn't call myself a pro player, but that's kind of how I play. I always chakra dash/ chakra dash cancel, jutsu cancel, and switch out supports a lot, instead of chakra dashing, if I am hitting you and you sub out, all I need to do is switch out to one of my supports, and they'll rush into you for me.

When a person's support is bright blue and almost ready to use, you can most of the time switch back into them, to continue canceling out your opponent and make them eat subs.

I think that's what you're dealing with, and if someone is switching characters a lot on you like that, or just being too fast for you, sub at least once if you get the chance, and then block and hold it for a few seconds because most of the time they'll be going in for a combo, and if they realize you're blocking, they'll make it seem like they're going to retract toward the end of their combo, and most of the time hit you with a jutsu.

I've been playing on and off since the game launched, and I've come to understand that, a lot of people play that way, especially those who abuse chakra dashing, and switching out characters.

User Info: chasingastrals

2 months ago#3
I don't know how to really use this site, but if you have an Xbox I'd be down to play with you sometime, and show you what I mean if you want.
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