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User Info: Lockon

5 months ago#51
This topic turned out nice :')

User Info: Ikasnu

5 months ago#52
WingedRegent posted...
Europe received a release of UN5, but it was entirely subtitled with no dub for it unfortunately.

Yeah Xbox really got nothing on the FG front other than DOA or Tao-Feng, which I happened to really enjoy personally. <_>

Agreed, and yet, it feels like we've all grown through the years and made our strides along the way.

In speaking of, congratulations for your success, your marriage, and your children. :)

Thanks man I appreciate that. Oldest will be 4 in a few weeks...
Mr and Mrs 9/5/15, Father on 6/19/16, 1/3/19.

User Info: technogeek29

4 months ago#53
I lurked during the storm 2 days but I didn't make an account until Generations AKA the CYOA Board.
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User Info: Spidermonkey3

4 months ago#54
Havent played since storm 2 when i moved on to more traditional fighters, came back to play when 4 came out a few years ago, and now i play every once in a blue moon lol
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User Info: demariw

4 months ago#55
Demari, the black kid. Here's my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdwyVJGSTn7gjbMG-tilCrg?view_as=subscriber

User Info: JackhammerM60

3 months ago#56
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