Newbie Mafia signups/interest gauging

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User Info: Sheep007

1 week ago#1
Hey everyone! Been a little while since this board has had a proper game, and there's definitely a lack of new players coming in imo. So if you're new to this board or mafia, this'd be a great place to start! This game won't be overly complicated and convoluted/unusual roles will be kept to a minimum. However, the rules will not be relaxed just because it's aimed at newer players (read the sticky for it if you haven't already!). They won't necessarily be the same as other games (I plan to incorporate Chris' version of Twilight, partially as another test run) either, so even experienced players should read this game's rules carefully. Anyone who breaks the rules may be replaced out or modkilled based on mod discretion as per usual. Older players are just as welcome, anyone with experience will hopefully be able to guide those not used to the game and make it enjoyable for everyone. It's just I'm specifically looking for newer players to try and integrate into the community with this. Would love some old faces who haven't been around in a while to turn up if possible.

This game will have no particular flavour, unless there's one requested I think could be interesting, which I can do justice to. Additionally, any number of signups beyond a ridiculous amount will be allowed, and the minimum I will run with is 13. If we reach that minimum number of signups, game will start two weeks today.
Perhaps the golden rock was inside us all along.

User Info: Sheep007

1 week ago#2
Perhaps the golden rock was inside us all along.

User Info: Lolo_Guru

1 week ago#3
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User Info: Doopliss_Power

1 week ago#4
whoops I didn't mean to post that

User Info: BigBoct

1 week ago#5
I have historically had little success playing more traditional rule sets, but I'll throw my hat into the ring again.
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User Info: IfGodCouldDie

1 week ago#6
You posting signups anywhere else?
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User Info: Pendragon71037

1 week ago#7
Screen it, I’m in.
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I promise I'm not going to modkill myself this time. But I think this might be an appropriate venue for a second attempt.

If it doesn't go well, chances are I won't play again, but for now... I'll play.
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User Info: RingoBell

1 week ago#9
Not sure if the timing will work out, but I'll try.
Ya know, one of these days I'm gonna think of something to put here...

User Info: Sheep007

1 week ago#10
IfGodCouldDie posted...
You posting signups anywhere else?

Aye, probably on CE. Probably not on B8.
Perhaps the golden rock was inside us all along.
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