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User Info: Sceptilesolar

3 months ago#1
Hey, everyone. This is the sign-up topic for my Detective Fiction Mafia, a game for 18 players. If things go smoothly and the game fills up, you can expect a start to the game Monday 12/4.

I'm going to be posting some story content after this post so that people understand the idea behind this game, and I plan to add additional content over the course of the week, but that's all I have to say for now regarding signing up. So post!

Sign-ups (copy and update list for convenience):
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User Info: Sceptilesolar

3 months ago#2

The Horizon Neigeux Resort, nestled high up in the French Alps. An obscure, elegant resort available only to the elite, boasting a beautiful view, rich meals, and good skiing. It is February 5th, 1928. The hotel currently contains sixteen people: eleven guests and five staff members. There are rumors of an impending snowstorm, but the hotel is well stocked for such emergencies, and the weather will clear by the end of the week. However, a different kind of storm strikes the hotel even before that, as one of the guests, a solitary Italian man named Castello Scarpa, is found dead in his room. A knife is driven through his chest, and the room is locked completely from the inside.

At this time, the staff of the resort call for the police. An unusual and elite squad of three detectives are dispatched to the hotel. It would take 10 hours for them to arrive. Before they arrive, another strange event occurs. A person is found collapsed by the front entrance of the hotel. Weakened and injured, they are taken inside to recuperate. No one is able to get any information out of them regarding their name or what they’re doing there yet due to their poor condition.

The detectives arrive close to midnight on February 5th. They barely beat the snowstorm, which begins to howl over the night, more fiercely than had been expected. Communication with the outside world is temporarily shut off, and the residents of the hotel are forced to band together as they wait out the storm.

Meanwhile, the detectives get to work interrogating those at the resort. At this time, there are nineteen living humans in the resort: ten guests, five staff members, three detectives, and one wanderer. Other than the wanderer, who was still recuperating in a locked guest room, all of these people are gathered into the main lobby for the interrogation so that they are under supervision. Over the course of the interrogations, however, one of the staff members goes missing. When this is discovered, the detectives begin to scour the area for the missing man. They eventually find Rolland Gleeson, the hotel’s odd-jobs man, dead in the cellar of the resort.

Suspicion immediately falls upon the wanderer, and the group moves quickly to the guest room they were kept in. The door had been locked by a key, and it was still locked when the group arrives. However, when the door is unlocked, the room is empty.

This is where our story begins. There are eighteen people trapped in this resort in the midst of a blizzard. Two men are already dead. Beyond a doubt, the murders will continue. Will you join them? Will you expose the truth behind these incidents to the light of day? Or, perhaps… you will make sure that no one in this resort will survive to report what happened here to the outside world.
Just killing time until the world ends.

User Info: benjamin3740

3 months ago#3
Finals week begins that Monday for me, so I'll join as a replacement. That could work out

User Info: IfGodCouldDie

3 months ago#4
benjamin3740 posted...
I'll join
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User Info: Sceptilesolar

3 months ago#5
If finals are a common issue for people, I suppose the game could also be pushed back. Obviously at a certain point we start running into Christmas or end of year holiday plans though.
Just killing time until the world ends.

User Info: htaeD

3 months ago#6
I am available whenever tho
so In
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User Info: Alakazamtrainer

3 months ago#7
Ill join as a replacement. Work has me busy. friend me on steam
also Alakazam will always triumph!

User Info: Terra-enforcer

3 months ago#8
Why not. Been a lil bit since I played a game here.
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User Info: pjbasis

3 months ago#9
Sign me up scotty

User Info: Doopliss_Power

3 months ago#10
Biggest thing I've got is due before this starts, so alright.
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