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User Info: Garetjax333

1 year ago#11
I like you chose the name Serenica. I have 2 Sages: Serena and Veronica. My Martial Artist is Jade and my Merchant to run the town is Derk. Guess what I played not long ago?
Anyway, are you tackling the Bonus Dungeon? I’m curious to see what levels for your characters. I completed the Dungeon but didn’t tackle the boss yet. Mine are:
Hero: 46
Jade 36
Serena/Veronica 34
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User Info: Kigalas

1 year ago#12
Nice names there, a good homage to DQXI. I hadn’t planned on the postgame stuff, but I do have the save still.

Current levels:

Hero - 40, 329 hp, 169 mp
Drustan - 39, 424 hp
Serenica - 35, 241 hp, 202 mp
Milly - 31, 220 hp, 198 mp
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User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
9 months ago#13
Actually, I'm wondering how non-linear the pre-ship part of the game is. The main thing is that you can't get to Baharata until you beat Robbin' 'Ood the first time, but you can get the Magic Key as soon as you make landfall in "Europe"? And the Dream Ruby thing to wake up Norvik only pays off later in the game when you need the item to find the ghost ship (since it's hard-coded to straight-up not appear until you can get the tracking item apparently)?
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User Info: StyrixA

6 months ago#14
Yes, those are the big hard blocks. I regularly played it where I would try to rush to Isis from Romaly, for the Agility item and the equipment shop. A key with these kinds of games is being able to skip upgrade steps, like going from the Copper Sword straight to the Holy Spear for the Cleric/Pilgrim.
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