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User Info: Squaggles

4 years ago#1
3 Stark Ravens and 3 Slime....yep I died on my first fight of the game.

User Info: oldguy2

4 years ago#2
I did the same thing my first time playing.
I went out alone without recruiting companions at Pattys and walked too far from town, so got a tougher fight.
When you left town, you got an auto save, so hopefully you just restarted from there.
Going alone for a few fights is not a bad idea since you get all the experience points from battles, but you have to be careful and quick save after each win.
The 50gold and few items the King gave you isn't enough for anything worthwhile, particularly for equipping companions you create at Pattys.
Enjoy! It is a fun game.
He's got the whole world in His hands: earth, wind, fire, water, and time.

User Info: oldguy2

4 years ago#3
Possible starting strategy to go out as Hero with no team members, but improved defense:
-go back to your house and search (!) items to get the Strength Seed, Medicine Herb, and the 5 gold.
-go back into the castle and search the dresser on the Kings level for a Seed of Luck and the barrels on the first floor, right side room for an Antidote Herb and a Mini Medal.
-go around behind and down the left side of Pattys to search the barrel for 25 gold.
-go to the armor store, sell an Oaken Club for 22 gold.
-now, you have enough gold to buy and equip the Leather Shield.
-go out near town and fight some monsters to raise your level and earn some more gold.
-as you need healing, go back to your house and talk to your mother for free full restore of all HP and MP for you and all accompanying team members.
He's got the whole world in His hands: earth, wind, fire, water, and time.
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