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User Info: PSMedri

3 years ago#1
herr are tips for doing the three more complicated trophies in the game.

The best scenario to do this in is the "Black Forest" at s difficulty level equivalent to your level. Head WEST until you get to the area littered with hay, spiders, and gobblings.

Stun 5 People:
Switch to the Archer. Tab to your secondary weapon in your inventory. Use the sacred oak dagger and swing away until you stun 5 people.

Burn 10 People:
Switch to Mage. Use te Arsonist's staff. Use TRIANGLE fully charged and burn 10 people. Head NORTHWEST in the hay area and you will have plenty of spiders to burn.

Chicken 6 People:
Same hay area. NORTH is a table with a chicken potion on it. Herd enough monsters together and let it fly.

Other tips:
Best way to do the gobbling and fat person kills is at the Black Forrest boss. Just use the Mage with the cake staff and cake hat. Give yourself about 20-30 minutes and you'll get both of them.

User Info: PSMedri

3 years ago#2
The personality trophy is acquired through character "attitude".

So, emo, hero, evil genius, etc.

One gender is fine, don't have to do it for both.

User Info: ITP

3 years ago#3
Thanks for the suggestions, these helped :)
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User Info: Damthiel

3 years ago#4
I have a couple of questions about the plat, if anyone out there has earned all the trophies in the game.

I'm kind of a trophy hunter, and I was just looking for something new to play. I'm a little cautious buying digital games though, as I don't know what I'm getting into the majority of the time.

So just a few general questions -

1) How long would you say it takes to get the plat?

2) I looked over the trophy list, but I couldn't determine if any force you to play online (except maybe Winner Winner from the looks of it). How many online/multiplayer trophies are there?

3) Speaking of Winner Winner, how difficult would you say that is to do?

That's about it I think.

User Info: Ceri_Cat

3 years ago#5
You could do most of the trophies in a few days, some are a bit of a grind since you need gems which don't come easily requiring a complete playthrough for hard and cakemare to unlock. Thankfully none require coop to complete.
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