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That one that you are talking about would not be the one who had 10,000 accounts, would it? I'll never understand stuff like that.

While it's not as bad, and no where near the same, I also wonder about a person who can all the time get on one of those Purgs or Suspended/warned as many times as they do, and they never learn. I'm not gonna lie and tell you I have never posted bulls***, but I have not made a career out of it, either.

That Fire Emblem issue I mentioned has been going on for years with the same person has all his alts named in such a way that we are made to know who it is (like using the same name, only backwords). One alt of his is on Warned or purged right now, so he is now using his other alt while waiting for his main to go back to being active while still trolling on this current alt, in which this one will be that same status as the previous, and then just wash, rince, repeat.

If you all aren't over worked by this sort of stupity, then I guess that's fine, but career trolling tells me that there is something seriously wrong with someone to work that hard at being such an ass.
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