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You know how it goes on the internet. Someone posts something to get modded, but not bad enough to get banned. A mod or admin will put that person in purgatory on warned status, but it does not matter since they just switch to an alt.

I mean, moderating stupid s*** is not the only job you have, so I have to assume you do.
Not going to say any names, but there has been a career troll at the various fire emblem boards for years and every time I check my ignore list, he has been on and off warned and purg for the last two years with all three of his accounts.

When he gets warned on one, he switches to another to keep going, by the time that one is warned or in purg, he goes back to the other.

Question: Who decides (not specifically who, but chain of command who) that a person goes on warned or Purgatory status?

What is an example of each?
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User Info: Life Sympathy

Life Sympathy
1 week ago#2

Let us take a case of a user who has exhausted all patience with both the mod team and admin team. Let's say they have multiple banned accounts and makes them just to post violations rampant. These users will typically have any new accounts banned relatively quickly.

Now a tech savvy person on the internet will know fairly well have to get around bans and what not and continue generating accounts. This is always going to happen as the cat and mouse game to prevent users from doing this is never ending. Let's say that user generates an account and gets banned once a day. That's would mean:

* Several users constantly marking said user every single day
* At least one moderator having to suspend every account
* At least one administrator having to ban every account

Within the course of a week, that's 7 moderator actions, 7 admin actions, and several user actions that were taken place in order to keep the site free of violations from this user. Not to mention the users reporting the messages will have long been exasperated by said user.

Now lets take the case of the user you described and say they receive a 7 day purgatory (standard 21 day to clear from history) and wait for said moderation to clear out from their history to repeat the cycle. This translates to:

* Several user marking the user once per 21 days
* At least one moderator suspending the account per 21 days
* At least one administrator setting the purgatory per 21 days

Much less of a headache right? The user will not get to use their account for 7 days. Let us assume they will use their account once the purgatory is over (as another choice is to not use the account until their history is clean). That means that they'll try to fool us with "acting like they're behaving or learning their lesson". The main reason these users do this is because they want to keep their account and will behave as they should during that time period to do so. They demonstrate that they can participate on the site without breaking the rules which is ultimately the end goal here (and who knows maybe down the line they'll stop and just post normally all the time). Even if they will resume posting another violation, that's way less resources used to keep those users in line.

The TLDR is this: Users that do this obviously want to keep the account(s) in question and will at least do the bare minimum to keep them. That is far better than a user that clearly doesn't care and just generates accounts like there's no tomorrow to burn through them quickly. The latter is just more work on everyone (including you, the users).
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User Info: xx_SaintBoot_xx

1 week ago#3
That one that you are talking about would not be the one who had 10,000 accounts, would it? I'll never understand stuff like that.

While it's not as bad, and no where near the same, I also wonder about a person who can all the time get on one of those Purgs or Suspended/warned as many times as they do, and they never learn. I'm not gonna lie and tell you I have never posted bulls***, but I have not made a career out of it, either.

That Fire Emblem issue I mentioned has been going on for years with the same person has all his alts named in such a way that we are made to know who it is (like using the same name, only backwords). One alt of his is on Warned or purged right now, so he is now using his other alt while waiting for his main to go back to being active while still trolling on this current alt, in which this one will be that same status as the previous, and then just wash, rince, repeat.

If you all aren't over worked by this sort of stupity, then I guess that's fine, but career trolling tells me that there is something seriously wrong with someone to work that hard at being such an ass.
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User Info: Jetblackmoon

1 week ago#4
It's the nature of the internet and anonymity. There will always be trolls, some with significantly more time on their hand than others.

I don't get stressed out about it, because it's not a job. We don't get paid or receive any sort of compensation. I originally applied to be a mod because I've enjoyed GameFAQs for years and wanted to give back to the community. That being said, some days I don't mod or even post anything, other days I get through quite a bit of the queue and post left and right. I'm a user first and a mod second.

As for your question: Any mod can set a user to Warned. A lot of things go into deciding a punishment, and Warnings are typically only used for major violations. Only Admins can set a user into Purgatory, and the length of time the Purgatory is for is at the Admin's discretion. I'd go into more detail, but a lot of it is mod-only info unfortunately.
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User Info: xx_SaintBoot_xx

1 week ago#5
So how many admins are there and do these admins know repeat offenders when they see them? Obviously putting these people on warned or purgator or suspended 20 times a year (minimum) is not going to change them, not if they have been doing it for years, which this one in particular that I know of, has been.
Mutton, Fresh Mutton! Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: The only game where TREES put you in Full Nelsons.
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