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User Info: Assinman5

1 month ago#1

User Info: Mental_Daxter

1 month ago#2
Fill out this form.

Although your account won't really be "deleted" in the sense that it never existed. YOu just won't be able to post on the boards.
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Alpha218

1 month ago#3
You can delete your account, you just have to wait 30 days after closing it, then fill out this form:
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User Info: Assinman5

1 month ago#4
so closing is just log out and no activity

User Info: Optimus Magnus

Optimus Magnus
1 month ago#5
Fill this out first -

Then after 30 days fill this out -

The first one closes your account, you will no longer be able to use the boards but you can still browse the site on it. The second one will completely remove the account from the site. You must follow all directions that are listed otherwise it will not work.
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User Info: Assinman5

1 month ago#6
okay i just want to make a new account and delete this one
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