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User Info: Fauch

1 month ago#1
Hello GF mod team,

back when I made this account, I had 4 digit ID in the low 2000s (from what I remember). Somehow that ID was lost, although I don't know how.

A lot of people are asking, so I would like some information about this. Does a name change net you a new ID?

User Info: Error1355

1 month ago#2
If your account went into any type of 'cold storage' back when that system existed (it might still exist too, I don't know as mods don't really deal with that) when you reactivated the account it would get a new ID I believe. Might also have been some weird changes when the GameSpot/GameFAQs merger happened too.

Changing your username does not change your user ID number.
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User Info: Fauch

1 month ago#3
Thanks Error1355!
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