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User Info: Spookly

2 months ago#1
And is it a 6 digit number
this is fairly epic i would say

User Info: yoshifan1

2 months ago#2
So far I have made -$1100 as a moderator.
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User Info: ne14a6t9r

2 months ago#3
So far I have made about -$100 as a moderator.

User Info: gmo7897

2 months ago#4
I get paid enough. It’s not a six-digit number, but where I live, that’s not really necessary. Where I live, single people can get by alright at around $30-35K, and a small family will be just fine at about $65K total income.

Unless you meant as a mod. As a mod, I think I’m up to -$110.
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User Info: Apodyopsist

2 months ago#5
I get paid $0.00000 for being a moderator which is indeed a 6 digit number.

User Info: Magna Stryker

Magna Stryker
2 months ago#6
Outside of moderating, I make enough to where my wife, son and I can live very comfortable for our area and still have enough to save. Not six digits though.

Moderating, I'm sitting at 0. Thankfully I don't rely on this moderating income to support my family and I. >_>
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