Is there a way to just hide one flair?

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User Info: reptyle101

5 months ago#1
I'm looking at the responses in other topics and the reply seems to be that you can just hide the off-topic posts and only view on topic ones but I don't see an option for it anywhere

I can look at each flair on it's own but I'm not finding where you can just view all on topics posts, since 'general' hides all the other on topic flairs as well as off topic

I can see this all being pretty useful once we're settled in to it (like on the anime board we now have a clear 'no source material spoilers' flair which we've wanted for years, and game help topics will be much easier to find now of course) but it's a bit inconvenient at the moment if you're there to discuss the game while also posting in any flaired on topic things you happen to see posted

for example I'm probably going to forget/not bother to click on the 'help' flairs unless I personally need help so I won't see new help topics that I might be to answer if I go to general wanting to avoid to off-topic stuff

Is it a bug? I get the impression the mods think general shows everything besides off-topic, so is that what general is supposed to do?
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  3. Is there a way to just hide one flair?

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