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  3. Could someone explain something to me please?

User Info: Jiminip

11 months ago#1
Why is it NOT trolling when someone is spreading lies that I catfished as a woman????

Because I have marked such a post THREE times now and it's not got modded, so could someone explain why doing such a thing is clearly not trolling?
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User Info: Optimus Magnus

Optimus Magnus
11 months ago#2
You were told last time you brought this up that it is a violation. You were also told that you need to include detailed notes about the situation. And you were told to be patient. Marking a post multiple times does absolutely nothing to bring it to our attention faster. All you have to do is mark it once and we will see it sooner or later. We are all volunteers, with jobs and school and families, we aren't always watching the queue like hawks waiting for a post to be marked. You need to be patient.

Also, I just checked, there are no posts marked by you in the queue at the moment I'm typing this response. So the posts have been handled by one of us. If the posts are still on the board, that means it was decided it wasn't a violation or it was deemed a violation but a minor one and the offending user received a Notify Without Deletion. The moderation system was overhauled not too long ago and the punishment tiers were altered. Now we can notify users that what they posted was indeed a violation but their post won't be deleted. We do this for minor violations now such as flaming and trolling. You can PM me the post in question and I can look into this for you.

Finally, if users are making such claims repeatedly, you are better off marking them for Harassment rather than Trolling. Like I mentioned, Trolling is a minor violation and it's possible the mark was handled with a Notify Without Deletion rather than an outright deletion. Harassment marks on the other hand, are treated as a more severe violation and those posts do get deleted if they are deemed violations.

One more thing, please do not make another topic about this situation, we have told you how to handle it and making these topics just gives the offending users more fuel to use against you. Please use the Ignore Feature (this is what it's for) and when you see users making such claims, mark their post for Harassment, and give as much information in the Notes box as possible.
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User Info: Error1355

11 months ago#3
This will be the last topic you make about this Jiminip. You've been told by easily 5 moderators now how to mark messages. Making multiple topics here and PMing multiple moderators demanding we moderate things for you is not how the system works. Mark it and a moderator will review it. Your entire part of the process is done at that point.
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