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User Info: DiduXD

6 months ago#1
1. How do you decide if a user deserves a 2nd chance?
2. How many punishments does a user need to get banned?
3. Have you ever regretted banning someone?
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User Info: ScarlettEve

6 months ago#2
I'm not sure quite what you mean by if a user deserves a second chance, sorry. If you mean whether a user ends up in purgatory or banned after being suspended, then ultimately that's SBAllen's decision. We don't actually ban people.

There's no set number of "punishments" you can rack up to get banned. Generally speaking though if you are continuously breaking the rules, especially the same rule, the level of penalty does increase until eventual suspension. The way to avoid being banned is to read the ToU and Board Etiquette pages then try and follow them. If you're moderated then pay attention to the reason and don't do the same thing repeatedly.

We don't ban, so no.
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