Game Release Data Not Allowed?

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User Info: sum67

3 months ago#1
so I tried to update a game redstone, to show that new publisher took over lnk (devlopers actually) but you guys gave me this message... Rejected for posting on GameFAQs. Im not sure what I did wrong... but sorry on it maybe I rushed through it was all. To be honest Im not sure how to write it for that but just wanted to write it if you guys can do better will provide you all the information than you can update it? It used to be gamengame though as publisher but now the developers are taking over again as publishers.

Anyways just thought I would post here because I just dont know. This place seems big so yea sometimes I would rather just do things and accept consequences than learn from it rather than read a whole wall of text but yea, is much easier to start that way least for me.

Well but can provide me guidelines or something to read for more information on this?


User Info: stahlbaum

3 months ago#2
Moderators have nothing to do with contribution data. That's solely on the site admins. is the link for guidelines.
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