Are fake leaks considered trolling?

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User Info: FFT-Fan

4 months ago#1
I think especially if the same person is doing it repeatedly. Is it generally reportable if a user makes a fake topic saying I have news on FF VII Remake or FF XVI like claiming to know the release date or know the plot or know who all the developers are or other stuff that are obviously development secrets? Or if they do it a lot and/or keep bringing up a faked leak say by re-posting it on an alt? There was this one guy on FF XV board who'd always claim to have knowledge about FFXVI and after every gaming news event he'd show up and say "I attended E3/TGS/PSX/TGA/GDC/ComicCon/JumpFesta/PGS/DistantWorlds/D23 and I got to talk to Important Square Enix Person(usually Ito, Nomura, Kitase, Uematsu, Hashimoto, Sakaguchi(who would be there for something to do with Mistwalker)) who spent quite a bit of time talking to me and telling important details about FF XVI like it's gonna be directed by Mr. Ito and its gonna be a hybrid of FF XII, the original vision of Vs XIII and FFT!!"

He'd say stuff like they told him when it'll be releasing too like in 2013/2014 he'd say they told him to look forward to FFXVI in 2017!! And also stuff like "I knew for years now already since like 2010 that Vs XIII would be moved to PS4/Xbox One and become FF XV directed by Hajime Tabata" and "I knew even before XIII was out that there were 2 sequels in the works" and "I already knew about Heavensward before ARR launched." Or the classic "I wrote a letter to Square-Enix and Director Tetsuya Nomura himself wrote back"(he included image from Google of an even attendee's card which had Nomura's signature on it). Sometimes a same topic would reappear getting posted by a Provisional Account(Is it moddable if someone abuses alts to spam a topic like reposting it later?).

These cases are very obvious since it would be very surprising if key FF devs or even the director or publisher were willing to break NDA to tell things face to face to a random fan at an event, chatting openly for a while about stuff they would obviously not be allowed to talk about let along giving some random fan a full sit down interview. Usually dev lose their job if caught breaking the NDA. We used to have an SE VIP on the XV board and he did say stuff like this isn't allowed to be talked about, breaking the NDA will lead to dismissal and possibly even legal consequences. Incidentally his appearance seemed to be what stopped these fake leaks.

Now I am seeing similar stuff although a little less obvious on VII Remake board like this:

-Made up stories about why CC2 got dropped from the project. One was that one guy signed onto PSN rather than PartnerNet so they were visible to PSN friends for a few minutes as "Playing Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part I" so SE fired CC2 from the project. (They wouldn't be allowed to talk about this, there'd be a gag order if something like CC2 getting fired happened)

Another one:

And I read in topic that the user who made the pastebin admitted to faking it elsewhere. Speculation IMO is fine but outright lying shouldn't be like typing up a big wall of text as a fake leak and saying "These are facts given to me by an actual developer on FF VII Remake". Technically it has a faked spoiler as well since it implies that Aerith might not die in the VII Remake. It would certainly be a big spoiler/fake spoiler to me to find out that Aerith won't die in the Remake. It can perhaps be kinda funny the first time but after the 10th+ faked topic or especially when they get reposted on an alt it gets irritating and disruptive so I would like to start reporting them. It will get highly annoying if it starts appearing after every event: E3, Tokyo Game Show, Jump Festa, PSX Experience, The Game Awards, Game Developer's Conference, Paris Games Show, all the comic cons, Distant Worlds/The Black Mages performances, D23/other Disney events.
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