When you first applied for Moderator status...

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User Info: 1499

5 months ago#1
Did you know what the word "defenestrate" meant when you saw the requirements? And how did you incorporate it into your application? Unless the "defenestrate" rule is a newer thing.

"I should be a GameFAQs moderator because I will defenestrate the crap out of all those who break the website rules."

User Info: Tommy873

5 months ago#2
Since I have had sent one atleast a few times before I got picked, I would say defenestrate is not a new requirement in any way, for the time I've been around.

As for knowing what it meant, no. The first or two times I never bothered to look it up and just added it in randomly or in whatever way I felt looked good enough. I did look it up later down the line.
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User Info: gmo7897

5 months ago#3
The first time I applied, the "required" word was "angst". However, before I wrote the application the was eventually selected, I didn't know what "defenestrate" means. Vocabulary was just never important to me, and most of the time, I try to target my speech and writing to a fourth-to-sixth-grade reading level, so it's understandable by more people. I only really used an extended vocabulary during my graduate work.

That being said, here's how I used defenestrate in my accepted application:

My mod app says...
GameFAQs has also taught me something. Thanks to the application process, I now know what "defenestrate" means (to be honest, I had to google it).
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User Info: Citrik

5 months ago#4
When I first applied, angst was the word I had to use. Thanks to Facebook's "Super Wall" extension waaaaaay back in the day when it was simple, I knew what defenestrate meant.
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User Info: ne14a6t9r

5 months ago#5
I only ever submitted a single mod app, got in first try, so the word was always defenestrate for me >_>

But no, I had no idea what 'defenestrate' meant before applying, having never used it before, and likely will never use it in speech in the future.

Because gmo done it and I want to join in, this was how I used it in my mod app:
So I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing for a few months now on whether I should submit this application or not, or if I should just defenestrate it right now. I guess I went with submitting it.
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