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User Info: SBAllen

9 years ago#1
This post will be updated whenever we need to add another "ground rule" for this board. Please read and follow any information posted in this topic. Failure to do so can result in the moderation of your topic.

1) This board is not for asking about or disputing moderations. We have a dispute system in place for that. If you cannot dispute a moderation for any reason (whether you failed a previous dispute or you have lost disputing privileges), you still cannot ask about them here. This also includes suspensions/purgs/bans. Do not use another account to ask why your account was suspended/purged/banned. Do not ask for a friend. Do not discuss moderations at all.

2) This board is also not for flagging posts or topics for a moderator to review. If you want to report a post, please click the Message Detail link beside the post and report it that way. Do not create topics here to report a Terms of Use violation.

3) Be courteous and be patient. The moderation staff are all voluntary users who are doing their best to help keep this site running as smoothly as possible. We will try to get a response to your question as quickly as possible, but sometimes there could be delays if we need to confer about something. Being rude or needlessly bumping your topic won't get a better or faster reply.

4) Even if you disagree with a moderator's response, do not ignore the answer or ask for a different moderator to reply. The moderation staff will be monitoring this board and if one of us sees an answer that might not be totally correct, we will attempt to get a more accurate answer. This ties in with #5.

5) It's possible for a moderator to answer incorrectly. We are all human and we make mistakes. In this case, we will try to get the incorrect answer removed and get a more accurate answer posted as quickly as possible. Always go by the most recent response given in a topic.

6) Only a member of the moderation staff and the topic creator can reply to a topic. This is done to ensure that any answer given to a topic is as accurate as possible.

7) It's okay to ask the moderation staff about things that don't necessarily relate to the rules or Terms of Use of the site. We'll be happy to answer social questions as well as long as they are reasonable. Please do not go overboard and flood this board with trivial topics though, or we may be forced to delete them.

Remember that these rules can change at any time so please check this topic before posting.
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?
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