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  Hot: Koopoll 2423
16.3K 514K 20 minutes ago20m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #7514 - What's your all-time favorite '2' game?
892 16K 23 minutes ago23m
Better Than Hellhole!
  Hot: What would you moderate and what would you not moderate if you were a moderator?
214 4.46K 35 minutes ago35m
Free Games
  Hot: Free Games: General/Social.
8 566 37 minutes ago37m
  Hot: WAH HAH here once a day.
88 5.91K 51 minutes ago51m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Wich 'forgotten game' would you want a revival/sequel of?
276K 6.14M 35 seconds ago35s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Rumor: Pokemon "King' and 'Queen' to be released 11/21. Reveal 2/26
86.9K 2.11M 24 seconds ago24s
Xbox One
  Hot: Why Xbox Gamepass going to the Switch is going to murder Xbox consoles.
148K 2.82M 5 seconds ago5s
  Hot: Free games for nerds
132K 2.17M 17 seconds ago17s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: So what's everyone up to lately?(67) Community
115K 2.06M 4 minutes ago4m

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Ask the Mods
  Hot: Read-only User Cannot Be Invited To Private Forum
6.47K 27.7K 14 minutes ago14m
Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #3094: The Top 10 Games You May Have Missed in 2018, by Killzonegaming
12 509 18 hours ago18h
GameFAQs Contributors - FAQs and Guides
  Hot: Recommending small maps?
879 19.9K 9 hours ago9h
Message Board Help
  Hot: Android phone won't access gamefaqs. "Bad Gateway."
1.98K 11.9K 10 hours ago10h
GameFAQs Contributors
  A general board for GameFAQs contributors
166 1.66K 2 days ago2d

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